Brandon Lewis is appointed as Secretary of State for Justice

We welcome the appointment of Brandon Lewis as Secretary of State for Justice and look forward to working together to continue to reduce the strain on divorcing and separating couples. [...]

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Finding your feet as a single parent with Zoë Desmond from Frolo

Advice from Frolo Founder, Zoë Desmond. When my son, Billy, turned one, my relationship with his dad broke down. It was a really tough time and I was taken aback by how lonely and isolated I felt. Weekends were hardest when the loneliness of being a singl [...]

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5 Tips to help you when searching for a new home after divorce or separation

Going through a separation presents a unique set of challenges that very few of us are prepared for. Not only you are facing the re-organisation of your life (and your family’s), but you also must go through the legal and emotional process of the divorce [...]

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What is a ‘clean break’ following divorce?

When you get married, you become financially tied to your partner. If you divorce your partner, it might surprise you to learn that this doesn’t automatically end your financial relationship with them. A ‘clean break’ usually refers to a type of order th [...]

What is a final order in England & Wales?

The ‘final order’ confirms that you are legally divorced (for married couples) or that your civil partnership has been dissolved (for civil partners) under English and Welsh law. This is the last stage of the legal process of divorce which takes a minium [...]

Kate Daly
The rise of couples services in a post 'no-fault' divorce world

The introduction of no-fault divorce in England and Wales in April 2022 is changing how couples approach separation. The perverse necessity to play the blame game is gone. As a result, there has been a striking increase in couples seeking more amicable wa [...]

How to forgive during a divorce or separation

In this blog, we explore forgiveness. What it is, the pros and cons of forgiveness and why you might choose to forgive your partner during a divorce or separation. There are lots of reasons why a couple might choose to separate. Whilst it’s common for pe [...]

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Sharing a pet after a break-up with comedian Rosie Wilby

Sharing a pet, or ‘co-petting’ as we call it amicable, is a relatively new phenomenon. However, it’s something we are passionate about helping couples to navigate. It’s not for everyone, and of course, there are some occasions when one pet owner might be [...]

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What is a Divorce Specialist?

A Divorce Specialist refers to a professional who can assist you with the legal process of divorce. They can sometimes also help you navigate the emotional process too. At amicable, our experts are Divorce Specialists. They have a variety of backgrounds, [...]

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Rupert and Jerry – an amicable divorce?

It is being reported that Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are to divorce. Neither are strangers to the process. We believe that divorce doesn’t have to be conducted from heavily lawyered silos, even for the super-rich, who just like the rest of us will not [...]

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amicable’s checklist for the 20-week reflection period

No-fault divorce was introduced in England and Wales on the 6th of April 2022. This represents the end of the ‘blame game’, meaning you no longer need to blame each other in the legal paperwork. There are several changes to the system which includes the [...]

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Five things you didn’t know about co-parenting and one that you probably do

Let’s start with the one you probably do. Co-parenting might be the best thing you ever do for your children post-divorce. But it will also be the hardest. You may get used to it, but it probably won’t feel particularly easy. Time can be a great healer, a [...]

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What does a Divorce Coach do and how can they help with your divorce?

The truth is, most people don’t get divorced very often, and it’s pretty rare that you will continue living the same lifestyle when you separate. So to fore-see all the things you’ll have to sort out and navigate is tough. It is a vulnerable and worrying [...]

financial settlement in divorce
Divorce Financial Settlement | FAQs - Everything You Need to Know

The financial side of divorcing and legalising what has been agreed is sometimes called a divorce financial settlement. Here's everything you need to know about the financial settlement or arrangement (or the consent order as it's commonly known)... [...]

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How to get divorced in the UK (England & Wales) - Step by step filing for divorce guide

One of the most common things I hear in my work as a divorce specialist is ‘I want to get divorced, but I have no idea where to start’. Most people are first-time and one-time […] [...]

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How to have an amicable no-fault divorce in England & Wales

If you and your partner have decided to separate, working out how to go about this and where to start can often seem really daunting. There are also some common pitfalls to avoid which we have highlighted below if you want an amicable no-fault divorce. [...]

What is a conditional order in England & Wales?

The conditional order confirms that you are entitled to divorce under English law and represents the middle stage of the legal process of divorce. As of the introduction of No-fault divorce in England & Wales on the 6th of April 2022, couples can get divo [...]

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No-fault divorce has finally been introduced in England & Wales

We are thrilled to announce that today, No-fault divorce has been introduced in England and Wales. This represents the biggest change in divorce laws in over 50 years and something that we have been campaigning for as a company for a long time. amicable [...]

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Tips on how to approach 'discipline' if you’re co-parenting

In general, how couples decide to discipline their children can be a tricky topic to navigate, so if you throw in a divorce or separation, it can complicate things even more. I know this from experience, as I have successfully co-parented my two children [...]

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Financial disclosure and divorce

We often get asked by our customers, whether or not you need to disclose your finances to your spouse if you’re divorcing. This will depend on your individual situation and the nature of your divorce. We have outlined below when financial disclosure migh [...]