The launch of amicable’s unique way to divorce

Originally published on 28th September 2018 at 10:20 AM
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amicable’s unique way to divorce launches this week. Exciting times… So why do we believe traditional models are broken?

The majority of people in the UK use a traditional way to divorce, usually, one of these three ways: (i) Doing it themselves, (ii) with the help of mediators or (iii) using family lawyers.

Do-it-yourself divorce

The DIY way to divorce is a great option if you and your partner are able to communicate effectively and reach agreements. If you are parents then you will be better co-parents after the separation when you are able to talk.


Many couples need extra help at the start of a divorce and a DIY option isn’t possible. Mediation provides an alternative way to divorce. It does not guarantee an outcome, however, and this is one of the major pitfalls of using this approach.

Using  lawyers

Finally, using lawyers to manage the process and the communication between you and your partner. The traditional model hiring two expensive lawyers to thrash things out is a un-family-friendly, outdated way to divorce. Under English and Welsh law you need separate solicitors so the hourly cost is doubled. Lawyers are obliged to get the best outcome for you, not the best outcome for the family. Don’t forget a better outcome for you is likely to be at the expense of your partner and potentially children.

Why is amicable a uniquely different way to divorce?

  • You remain in control of your divorce. We use a combination of technology and people support so you can make agreements together whilst ensuring you get the fairest outcome for your whole family
  • We help you conclude your divorce faster since we know relationships become acrimonious the longer it takes to reach agreement
  • amicable offers a fixed-price service with the opportunity to save thousands of pounds. Our technology and divorce coaches support your negotiations to help resolve things quicker
  • amicable offers a fixed -price arbitration,  therefore, if you can’t agree, or just want an expert to help you decide what’s fair, our service will guarantee you reach an agreement
  • Finally, all the things you need to do to get divorced are covered by our service. We can help you reach agreements and deal with all the legal divorce paperwork and court submitting

If you have any questions, or would like some support, please book a free 15-minute call with one of our experts here.

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