The Divorce Podcast

The Divorce Podcast

Originally published on 13th December 2018 at 5:52 PM

Kate Daly is co-founder of amicable and host of the The Divorce Podcast. 

Kate created The Divorce Podcast to discuss and demystify divorce, separation and co-parenting in the UK. In each episode, Kate is joined by experts in their field to explore divorce and separation from every angle. 

Episode #1: Divorce & Society

Jeremy Gordon, Rabbi of New London Synagogue, Thomas Pascoe, Campaign Director at the Coalition for Marriage, and Isabel Russo, Head of Ceremonies at Humanists UK, join Kate for this inaugural episode of the Divorce Podcast. In this edition, they discuss divorce in our society, and whether, as society changes, divorce laws should change too; the current system of divorce, and how it affects couples looking to separate; whether No Fault divorce serves to help or hinder the most vulnerable people in our society; and the role of religious institutions and their leaders.

Listen to the episode here.

Episode #2: Today’s Divorce laws – fit for purpose? A discussion with David Hodson OBE

In this episode, we discuss how divorce has changed over the years and how expectations of our new generation clash with the expectations of the past. The case for no-fault divorce. The conceptuality of marriage and divorce. The options for a new way to divorce and what we can learn from other countries. The power of reflection periods. How technology is changing the divorce process. Mediation – the government has invested heavily in promoting mediate, so why hasn’t it taken off? The benefits and downsides of the range of current ways to get divorced. 

Listen to the episode here

Episode #3: Divorce and co-parenting 

In this episode, Kate Daly is joined by CAFCASS CEO, Anthony Douglas, Penny Mansfield – Director of One plus One and Sociologist specialising in couple and family relationships, and Marcie Shaoul – a co-parenting expert and founder of Rolling Stone Coaching. The guests discuss divorce and parenting and the challenges couples face when transitioning from parent to co-parent, as well as the skills and knowledge parents need to enable a positive co-parenting relationship. Kate discusses the trend towards shared parenting and the importance of being emotionally ready to divorce and make arrangements. The episode also explores how divorce effects children and what can be done to protect them and help them thrive.

Listen to the episode here

Episode #4: ‘Happily even after’ – the legal process vs the emotional journey

In this episode Kate is joined by Nigel Shepherd, Head of Family Law at Mills and Reeve and David Leckie, Global Director of The Divorce Hotel. 

The discussion covers the current divorce processes including the concept behind new ways to divorce including Divorce Hotel and the Australian model for divorce. The emotional journey of divorce vs the legal process. Ending the blame game - the case for no-fault divorce, including an overview of Tini Owen’s divorce case. The issue of access to justice, advice, and guidance. What’s got to change to improve the divorce journey for families? How the experience of the divorce as a child – how does it affect younger people who are getting divorced.

Listen to the episode here.

Episode #5: COVID-19 Co-parenting

In this special Coronavirus episode, host Kate Daly is joined by co-parenting expert Marcie Shaoul. We are living in the most extraordinary times and all having to adjust to a new way of living. For co-parents, amicable or not, this is a challenge period of our lives. During this episode Marcie shares what she's observed with her clients and what co-parents can do to navigate this time and embrace the gifts and opportunities.

Listen to the episode here

Episode #6: What is a Divorce Coach?

This week, Kate is joined by Claire Black. Claire is a Bristol based Divorce Coach who helps people to navigate the divorce process. Find out what divorce coaching is and if it may be right for you and your ex. Claire also shares her own divorce journey and how it impacted her career and outlook on life. Claire also shares advice for separating couples who are currently in lockdown together because of COVID-19.

Listen to the episode here

Episode #7: Frolo, The Online Community for Single Parents

This week host Kate Daly is joined by Zoë Desmond, the founder of Frolo. 

Frolo is a community for single parents, parents connect through online (mainly through the Frolo app and offline events too. Listen to hear how and Zoë created Frolo with and for single parents. 

Listen to the epsiode here

Episode #8: John Hind, Mediator and Conflict Coach

During this episode, Kate is joined by John Hind. John is a Family/Civil/Workplace mediator, lawyer, NLP practitioner, conflict coach and national conflict resolution trainer. Kate and John discuss what mediation is when it comes to divorce and separation, what the process looks like and how it can help couples to navigate the divorce and separation journey. Advice for couples who are at the beginning the divorce process, and the importance of understanding all the options available to resolve things and move forward. How Covid-19 is impacting mediation and how John helps couples to move through conflict and improve communication.

Listen to the episode here

Episode #9: Aruna Bansal, Founder of The Asian Single Parents Network

In 2011 Aruna founded the Asian Single Parents Network, the network was created for Asian single parents and their kids and offers a network of support and friendship, and to enhance lives in the process.  

Listen to Aruna's story and how the Asian Single Parents Network is supporting single parents across the UK.

Listen to the episode here

Episode #10: No-Fault divorce update with Nigel Shepherd

No-fault divorce is not yet law in England and Wales despite a 2019 YouGov poll commissioned by Resolution showed 71% of the population agrees that no-fault divorce is urgently needed to protect the long-term interests of children.

On Wednesday 17th June, No-fault divorce given the go-ahead in England and Wales as the Divorce Bill passed its final stages in Parliament. 

During this episode, Kate is joined by Nigel Shepherd. Nigel Shepherd is twice Chair, honorary Life Member and current national committee member of Resolution, adviser to family law funder Ampla Finance, and Consultant with the national firm law firm, Mills & Reeve. The firm and Nigel, in particular, were permitted to intervene in the now infamous Tini Owens case divorce case. 

Nigel has been campaigning for no-fault divorce for over 25 years and was awarded the John Cornwell Award for Outstanding Contribution to Family Law at the Jordans Family Law Awards in 2019. 

Nigel breaks down what the Divorce Bill is, what's going to change from the current divorce laws in England and Wales and when it's likely to become law (because it isn't yet). This is a brilliant episode that succinctly summarises what's in the news and what it means for couples who are divorcing and separating in England and Wales.

Listen to the episode here

Episode #11: Anthea Turner

During this episode, Kate is joined by Anthea Turner. Anthea has been in the spotlight for over 30 years presenting some of the UK's favourite shows including GMTV, Blue Peter, The National Lottery and most recently starring in the brilliant Celebrity SAS on Channel 4.

In 2018, Anthea wrote ‘How To Survive Divorce’, which aims to inspire, motivate and help those going through relationship breakups. How to Survive Divorce is Anthea's candid take on the emotional toll the end of her marriage took on her well-being and how she came out of the ordeal, a stronger, more confident woman.

Anthea shares her experience of divorce and what it was like for such a private moment to be so public, what led Anthea to write her book and her advice for couples who are facing their separation journey.

You can purchase Anthea's book via Splendid Publications or Amazon

Listen to the episode here

Episode #12: Meet the founders of The Divorce Surgery

Meet specialist family law barristers Samantha Woodham and Harry Gates who founded The Divorce Surgery

Hear why they believe their 'one couple, one lawyer' approach is better for many separating couples over the traditional lawyer vs lawyer approach. Samantha and Harry's insights and advice for couples who are about to embark on their divorce or separation, including how to avoid the common obstacles. The importance of early intervention and impartial advice on what the options are for sorting out their separation. How we, as a society need to change our approach to divorce and separation by not seeing it as a failure. 

Listen to the episode here

Episode #13: Dads and Divorce with OnlyDads

Bob Greig is the co-founder of OnlyDads and OnlyMums that was set up to support Mums and Dads through divorce, separation and co-parenting.

Listen to the episode here

Episode #14: How to tell your children you're getting divorced

During this episode, Kate is joined by Divorce Coaches Sara Davison and Rhiannon Ford as they discuss when and how to tell your children you're getting divorced. 

Sara is a break-up expert, divorce coach and best-selling author. Sara launched her break - up retreats back in 2016 and her mission is to banish stigma around divorce. Rhiannon is a divorce consultant, and was previously a family lawyer, and left the profession to support people with more practical help and emotional support. 

The trio discuss when and how to tell your children, how to tailor the conversation for different ages and stages, how to support your child in the early stages of separating, how to spot if your child isn't coping well with the news and the change. 

Listen to the episode here

You can listen to all episodes of The

parenting. In each episode, Kate is joined by experts in their field who explore divorce and separation from every angle. The podcast aims to address divorce in the UK with a fresh lens, countering the often sensationalist way it is portrayed in the media, challenging the status quo, driving for reform and being a source of trustworthy support and advice for people who are navigating a break-up.Divorce Podcast on any of the channels below:

If you would like to be involved in future episodes of the Divorce Podcasts or have a topic / guest suggestion, then please get in touch.

Hannah Hodgkinson
Hannah Hodgkinson
Hannah Hodgkinson is Head of Marketing at amicable. Hannah has over six years experience working for global NGOs and private consultancies and has a passion for marketing for companies with a social purpose


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