amicable is the trusted legal service for divorcing and separating couples.

If you need help getting divorced, agreeing on how to separate your finances or making arrangements for your children, explore our resources and online services.

We’re different to solicitors because we work with couples and we offer fixed and transparent fees.

If you want to separate amicably, without solicitors, call us on 0203 004 4695.


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Our services

Legal & finances

We help with all aspects of divorce and separation including if you need help getting divorced, agreeing on how to separate your finances or formalising your agreement in a consent order. We work with couples together to keep things amicable and affordable, wherever you’re in the process.

Children & pets

If you’re separating and you have children, you don’t need to go to court to agreements for them. You can agree to these between yourselves or with help from a professional. We provide coaching sessions to help you to agree on the best arrangements for your family.

Relationships & emotional support

If your relationship has come to an end, understanding the emotional journey and your options is an important part of the process. We work with couples together, so that you're supported every step of the way. Explore our services and resources.

Our story

Co-founded by Kate Daly and Pip Wilson, amicable is the original ‘couples service’. Following Kate’s protracted and expensive divorce, our mission is to help people end relationships in a kinder and better way, without solicitors.

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Kate Daly
Kate Daly
Co-Founder amicable

We help couples separate amicably without lawyering up each side. We’re the trusted brand, an alternative to solicitors and traditional legal services. We deliver great results for couples by providing an empathetic, emotionally-led, fixed-fee service

Tools and resources

Divorce timeline

Download a custom divorce timeline to learn how long the legal process of divorce takes and the steps involved.

Parenting planner

Explore our parenting planner. It’s designed to help you navigate the journey from parent to co-parent by discussing and documenting your arrangements together.

Find the right service

Use our diagnostic tool to explore our services and find the best one for your unique circumstances.

What customers say about us


What is amicable?

We’re an online legal service for divorcing and separating couples. Our specialists help couples get divorced, reach an agreement over their finances and agree on arrangements for their children.

How is amicable different to solicitors?

amicable is different to solicitors because we work with couples together. We also offer fixed and transparent fees that include VAT and enable couples to spread their payments over several months.

How are you different to mediation?

amicable is more comprehensive than mediation because we also prepare couples' legal documents such as their consent order and manage the court process. Our specialists are trained in helping couples navigate the legal and emotional journey of divorce and separation.

I’ve already started my divorce, can you still help?

If you’ve already started your divorce through the government website, we can help you agree on your financial arrangements and prepare your consent order which outlines this to the court and is made legally binding once approved by a judge.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on how much help you need and with what parts of the process. All our fees are fixed and include VAT.

How long does it take?

Divorces take a minimum of seven months following the introduction of no-fault divorce in April 2022. Book a free 15-minute call to understand how long your divorce might take given your personal situation.

Flexible payment optionsWe’ve introduced our six-month payment plan for our divorce services, to help you to separate in a kinder and better way, without breaking the bank.

Information and support

We have lots of free resources to help you navigate your separation including help with the legal and emotional journey.


Our advice blogs help you with all aspects of your separation including the legal process, finances, and the emotional journey. We also have lots of information about children, cooperative parenting and pets.

Advice forum

Ask our specialists and the wider community your question. This can be anything related to divorce, separation or parenting post-separation.


Kate Daly hosts The Divorce Podcast, where she’s joined by experts and special guests to explore the legal and emotional journey of divorce, separation and parenting post-separation.