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Untie the knot, amicably.

amicable is the UK's #1 rated online divorce service.

Divorce or separate amicably, without lawyers. Focus on the best outcome for you both and - if you have them - your children.

Explore our online divorce and separation services or call us on 020 3004 4695 to speak to an expert.


"Excellent 4.9 / 5” Trustpilot Score

How do amicable’s online divorce services work?


Work together, stay amicable

Unlike a traditional law firm, amicable works with both you and your partner together to reduce acrimony


No need to break the bank

We are typically 10 times cheaper than going to court, a third of the cost of a lawyer and 50% cost of the mediation


Divorce that puts you first

We put people at the heart of divorce and separation and harness technology to simplify your divorce

Learn more about your divorce

Our free tools will help you understand the online divorce process.


Parenting planning e-book

amicable's Parenting Plan e-book is designed to help you successfully navigate the journey from parenting to co-parenting.


Personalised divorce timeline

Receive a custom divorce timeline, telling you how long you should expect each part of the divorce process to take.


Divorce court fee calculator

Use our simple court fee calculator to see if you are eligible for discounted court fees when you divorce.

amicable ® co-parenting app

The amicable® co-parenting app is the only app on the market that includes human support combined with beautifully designed tools. Created to help you manage all aspects of co-parenting in one secure place, making parenting after divorce and separation simpler.

Coparenting App

Our Services

Online divorce services

amicable’s online divorce services provide help, guidance and support throughout the divorce process. Our divorce coaches have helped thousands of couples through the divorce process from start to finish. We are proud to be TrustPilot's #1 divorce service in the UK.

Divorce services

Online separation services

amicable’s online separation services help cohabiting couples or couples who are not yet divorced sort out how they will part. amicable's coaches can help you and your partner separate and arrange your childcare and/or financial split.

Separation services

Online co-parenting services

amicable’s online co-parenting services help you transition from parents to co-parents. We offer bespoke advice services. Our co-parenting coaches offer advice on the age and stage of your children help you build a successful co-parenting relationship.

Co-parenting services

Why choose amicable's online divorce services?

Divorce can be overwhelming and daunting, and it can be difficult to know what route to choose and where to begin.

amicable helps couples focus on creating positive futures, rather than dwelling on the past.

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