Customer stories

Customer stories

Mum and son

Tanya, Mum of Two, London

I’d known in my heart for a while that divorce was on the cards. The trouble was, I just couldn’t bring myself to take the first step. I didn’t want to regret not trying everything to make it work… I was confused and scared. I knew if I said anything, my husband was likely to lawyer-up and I’d be out-gunned as I couldn’t afford to spend lots of money. I needed help and then a friend recommended amicable.

Dad and child's hand

Rakesh, Dad of three, Wolverhampton

I’d been thinking about divorce for about four years before I started the process. I put it off because I was telling myself that I needed to stay together for the sake of the kids and my wife. Now that the divorce has been finalised, we have all moved on and I feel a massive sense of relief.

Mum sitting on sofa with two young children looking at ipad

Laura, Mum of Two, Derby

Once we’d made the decision to end our marriage, we just wanted to get it done. We weren’t out to ‘get’ each other and had agreed between us how we’d split things and care for our children. So, it really was just making it official in the easiest way possible.

Mum and son


There’s no need to describe the trauma and process of a marriage breaking down or how it takes its toll. Luckily one thing my ex-husband and I agreed was that we should not end the marriage with an expensive, aggressive legal battle that would further impact our children. Putting them first was the reason we chose the “Amicable” process, even when we felt that “Acrimonious” better described our feelings for each other. Even if your relationship is a nightmare and even if your resources are small or large, I would completely recommend the Amicable service.

Dad, Mum and daughter

Fiona, 40, St. Albans

Fiona, 40, from St. Albans, and her ex-husband got married in 2015 and were married for four years. They have a three year old daughter together.


Katy, 35, South Wales

We were married for four years and have a 16-year-old daughter together. We were lucky as things were as amicable as they could have been when we decided to end the marriage. We knew how the childcare would work because our daughter is an independent teenager and wanted to stay living with me. I imagine it would be of been a lot harder if she were younger.

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