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We’ve helped thousands untie the knot amicably. Each couple who uses our services has a unique story. Explore our customers' divorce, separation and co-parenting stories below.

Dr Obi

Dad of Two, London

My wife and I decided to get a divorce after years of being together. Although it wasn't the most amicable situation, we acknowledged that we could be civil with one another.



When I started the divorce process, the first place I looked to was a solicitor. I wanted to get it over with quickly. But when I rang, the call made me leave in tears. It was too acrimonious for my liking and I knew that there was another way. So I looked online and found amicable. amicable were amazing.


Mum of Two, Liverpool

Our decision to get a divorce was not an easy one, but we knew we needed to prioritise fairness and minimise the emotional toll, especially for our children. After researching various options, we chose amicable for this important step in our lives.


Father of Three, Bath

Our divorce journey with amicable was remarkably smooth, and we are relieved that we chose this path.



I cannot praise amicable enough for the calm, clear, and incredibly responsive service they provided during our divorce process. At any moment, I knew I could pick up the phone and reach our dedicated personal contact, although, truth be told, the online system was so well-organised and efficient that I rarely needed to.


Mum of Two, Cardiff

My husband and I were going through a divorce. It was not an easy experience. We had been very happy in the beginning, but over the years, things had changed. We had grown apart and we had fallen out of love with each other.



Our main contact at amicable was always just a phone call away, responsive and eager to assist with every concern, regardless of its size. They expertly guided us through every step of the way, ensuring that we were well-informed and at ease during this emotional process.



I decided to try sorting things out online first. To my surprise, going through amicable was smooth and straightforward. Especially as there were a few things I couldn't quite manage on my own.



amicable made the entire experience stress-free and straightforward. From the get-go, everything was explained in a way that made sense.


Father, London

It wasn't anyone's fault; we just grew apart. I initiated the separation, but it was amicable. We both agreed that our daughter's well-being was the most important thing.

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