amicable Complaints Handling Procedure

We want to give you the best possible service. However, if at any point you become unhappy or concerned about the service we have provided, then we would encourage you to inform us immediately, so that we can do our best to resolve the problem.

In the first instance it may be helpful to contact an advisor who is working on your case to discuss your concerns and we will do our best to resolve any issues. If you still have queries or concerns, please contact Emma Robinson Head of Operations [email protected] or by telephone on +44 (0)20 3146 9915 .

For further information or if you want to make a formal complaint, then you can read our full complaints procedure below. In our procedure, we explain how we will handle a formal complaint.

We are committed to high quality customer care and aim to offer all our customers an efficient and effective service. However, if you would like to discuss how the service could be improved or should there be any aspect of our service with which you are not satisfied, please contact the person responsible for Complaints Handling: Emma Robinson, Head of Operations on [email protected] or by post to amicable, PO Box 63636, London SW14 9BZ. We are keen to resolve any concerns as soon as possible and in order to do this, will follow our complaints handling procedure. This procedure is as follows:

Step One: If you have not already done so, we ask you to let us know the full nature of the problem.

Step Two: Our Complaints Handling Representative will email you acknowledging your complaint within five working days. In this email we will confirm what happens next.

Step Three: Our Complaints Handling Representative will investigate the matter by reviewing the customer file and speaking to the member of staff concerned within five working days of acknowledging receipt of the complaint. If, for some reason, the matter cannot be investigated in this timeframe, then we will email you explaining the reason and giving a revised timescale. Once the investigation has been completed, our Complaints Handling Representative will email you responding to the issue(s) you have raised and hopefully resolving the complaint.

Step Four: If you are satisfied with our response following the above steps, that will be the end of the matter. However, if you are not satisfied, you may contact our Complaints Handling Representative again and she will arrange for CEO Pip Wilson to review the decision. Pip will contact you within ten working days of receiving the request with confirmation of our final position in relation to the complaint, outlining the reasons and any final redress that is offered.

Further Information

For further information about our complaints handling procedures, please do not hesitate to contact Emma Robinson Head of Operations on [email protected] or by post to amicable,

PO Box 63636, London SW14 9BZ.

Last updated July 2022