Payment Plans

Introducing our new divorce payment plans:

We’ve introduced new payment plans to help couples to divorce in a kinder and better way, without breaking the bank. Find out whether…

Divorce is an emotional journey, and we know that lots of people experience anxiety and fear around spiralling legal costs when they divorce. Feeling out of control of how much you spend on the legal process of your divorce can be incredibly stressful.

At amicable, we know how difficult the process of divorce can be both emotionally and financially. The anxiety around legal costs as you separate has increased with the current cost of living crisis.

In response, we’ve introduced our six-month payment plan for our divorce services, to help you to separate in a kinder and better way, without breaking the bank.

All our services are fixed-fee, transparent and include payment plans, so you can focus on building a positive future, apart.

What is a divorce payment plan and how does it work?

  • A payment plan allows you to spread the cost of our service across several months, without paying more.
  • If you’re using one of our divorce services, you can spread the cost over six months and split the payment between you both
  • Our other services have three-month payment plans and the ability to split the cost between you both
  • The plans are available to anyone who is able to use our amicable services

How to sign up

Step one: Find the right option for you

Explore our services, or speak to one of our experts directly to receive bespoke advice on the best way forward for you and your family.

Step two: Sign up for the service

Follow our simple checkout process and sign up for the best service for you. You can choose whether you would like to split the payments between you both and spread the cost over six months.

Step three: Start your amicable journey

Once and get access to your amicable dashboard where you can invite your partner and begin your divorce journey.

Our divorce payment plans enable you to stay in control of the process as you separate. If you have any questions about the options available to you, please book a free 15-minute advice call with an amicable expert.