Tag "divorceprocess" posts

Tag "divorceprocess" posts

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amicable’s guide to navigating gov.uk as you divorce

Since the introduction of ‘no-fault divorce’ more people than ever are starting their divorce on the government website. It’s simple to kick off a divorce yourself but when it comes to sorting out your money and property things can quickly become baffling [...]

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How a mortgage in your 60s can help you move on post-divorce

We're [LiveMore](https://livemorecapital.com/), a specialist mortgage lender for people aged 50 to 90+ and we talk to Audrey about her experience of divorce and how gettting a mortgage in her 60s helped her to move on and rebuild [...]

Applied for your conditional order? Here’s what to do next

If you or your ex have applied to end your ‘legal marriage’ with a no-fault divorce on the government website, you’ll be emailed to say you can apply for your Conditional Order 20 weeks after the application was made and the divorce issued (the ‘reflectio [...]

What is a final order in England & Wales?

The ‘final order’ confirms that you are legally divorced (for married couples) or that your civil partnership has been dissolved (for civil partners) under English and Welsh law. This is the last stage of the legal process of divorce which takes a minium [...]

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What is a Divorce Specialist?

A Divorce Specialist refers to a professional who can assist you with the legal process of divorce. They can sometimes also help you navigate the emotional process too. At amicable, our experts are Divorce Specialists. They have a variety of backgrounds, [...]

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Rupert and Jerry – an amicable divorce?

It is being reported that Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are to divorce. Neither are strangers to the process. We believe that divorce doesn’t have to be conducted from heavily lawyered silos, even for the super-rich, who just like the rest of us will not [...]

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amicable’s checklist for the 20-week reflection period

No-fault divorce was introduced in England and Wales on the 6th of April 2022. This represents the end of the ‘blame game’, meaning you no longer need to blame each other in the legal paperwork. There are several changes to the system which includes the [...]

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What does a Divorce Coach do and how can they help with your divorce?

The truth is, most people don’t get divorced very often, and it’s pretty rare that you will continue living the same lifestyle when you separate. So to fore-see all the things you’ll have to sort out and navigate is tough. It is a vulnerable and worrying [...]

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How to get divorced in the UK (England & Wales) - Step by step filing for divorce guide

One of the most common things I hear in my work as a divorce specialist is ‘I want to get divorced, but I have no idea where to start’. Most people are first-time and one-time […] [...]

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How to have an amicable no-fault divorce in England & Wales

If you and your partner have decided to separate, working out how to go about this and where to start can often seem really daunting. There are also some common pitfalls to avoid which we have highlighted below if you want an amicable no-fault divorce. [...]

What is a conditional order in England & Wales?

The conditional order confirms that you are entitled to divorce under English law and represents the middle stage of the legal process of divorce. As of the introduction of No-fault divorce in England & Wales on the 6th of April 2022, couples can get divo [...]

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Divorce Day 2022 - January 4th or April 6th?

Divorce Day traditionally falls on the first working day of January and is a popular point of discussion in the media. [...]

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Government increases court fees for divorcing and separating couples in England and Wales

The government has announced that they will be increasing the court fee costs for divorcing and separating couples at the end of the month. This means, separating couples in England and Wales will pay more for applying for the legal paperwork associated w [...]

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Pension Sharing Orders - FAQs

A pension sharing order will require one former spouse’s pension provider to give some, or all, of the funds in that pension plan to their ex (the ‘recipient’). A pension sharing order can be made in respect of a pension either before or after it is in p [...]

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A guide to the Family Mediation Voucher scheme

Find out what the new Family Mediation Voucher scheme is, if you're eligible for the £500 mediation voucher and what other alternatives are out there to help with agreeing finances and childcare post-divorce and separation. [...]

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amicable wins High Court Judgment allowing couples to divorce without lawyers

A landmark judgment in the High Court validates legal services company amicable’s right to help divorcing couples negotiate financial settlements and create joint legal documents [...]

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Divorce rates & statistics in the UK (England & Wales) 2021

The Office for National statistics released new data in 2021 on divorcing couples in 2019. We’ve summarised the main points below and offered some comments too based on what we experienced as a divorce services company. [...]

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What is a consent order and how to get one online?

Ending your marriage or civil partnership is one legal process and ending your financial ties is completely different legal process. The legal process of severing your financial ties is called a consent order or financial order. This blog will explain how [...]

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The divorce glossary

Legal jargon can be confusing and when it comes to divorce / separation – there are so many acronyms and form names to get your head around. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a legal jargon free glossary for divorce and separation terms. If we’ve m [...]

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Marriage certificate translation for UK divorce proceedings

This article provides an extensive guide to those looking to have their non-English marriage certificates translated for UK divorce proceedings [...]