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Tag "divorceadvice" posts

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amicable’s checklist for the 20-week reflection period

No-fault divorce was introduced in England and Wales on the 6th of April 2022. This represents the end of the ‘blame game’, meaning you no longer need to blame each other in the legal paperwork. There are several changes to the system which includes the [...]

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What does a Divorce Coach do and how can they help with your divorce?

The truth is, most people don’t get divorced very often, and it’s pretty rare that you will continue living the same lifestyle when you separate. So to fore-see all the things you’ll have to sort out and navigate is tough. It is a vulnerable and worrying [...]

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How to get divorced in the UK (England & Wales) - Step by step filing for divorce guide

One of the most common things I hear in my work as a divorce specialist is ‘I want to get divorced, but I have no idea where to start’. Most people are first-time and one-time […] [...]

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How to have an amicable no-fault divorce in England & Wales

If you and your partner have decided to separate, working out how to go about this and where to start can often seem really daunting. There are also some common pitfalls to avoid which we have highlighted below if you want an amicable no-fault divorce. [...]

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A guide to the Family Mediation Voucher scheme

Find out what the new Family Mediation Voucher scheme is, if you're eligible for the £500 mediation voucher and what other alternatives are out there to help with agreeing finances and childcare post-divorce and separation. [...]

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The divorce glossary

Legal jargon can be confusing and when it comes to divorce / separation – there are so many acronyms and form names to get your head around. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a legal jargon free glossary for divorce and separation terms. If we’ve m [...]

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When will no-fault divorce begin in UK?

No-fault divorce was introduced on the 6th of April 2022, replacing the previous system for divorce. [...]

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What’s the difference between mediation and amicable negotiation?

What's the difference between mediation and amicable's negotiation and Divorce Coach led support? Find out here. [...]

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Why is my divorce taking so long and how to speed it up?

The legal process of divorcing or ending a civil partnership takes longer than most people realise. The average time it usually takes to divorce / end a civil partnership through the courts in England and Wales is around three to four months. However, dep [...]

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I’ve Received Divorce Papers in the Post - What Do I Do Now?

If you’ve received divorce papers through the post and you’re not sure what to do next, read this information and advice. [...]

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Divorce checklist: 10 things to check before starting divorce proceedings (if you don’t have children)

This divorce checklist below will help you to prepare if you're right at the beginning of the divorce/separation process, and if you don't have children together. Be sure to consider each step before kicking off the legal process of divorcing or ending yo [...]

Divorce without lawyers – what you need to know
Untie the knot amicably | How to divorce without lawyers

Many people assume you need a lawyer to divorce - you don't. Here are the pros and cons of doing divorce without lawyers and other ways to divorce. [...]

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5 Tips for an amicable divorce – In the beginning…

Whatever you do – don’t google Divorce. I’m serious – and don’t ask your divorced friends, colleagues or mum’s neighbour about their experience… oh and absolutely DON’T watch the BBC’s Dr Foster. Divorce has understandably […] [...]

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5 more tips for an amicable divorce

So the cat’s out of the bag… the separation is public. Friends, family & maybe children know what’s happening. Anger, hurt, betrayal & fear are all swilling round… so what do you do? Hire a […] [...]

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The straightforward guide to divorce options

You’ve decided you’re going to divorce, turning your world upside down and leading to weeks or even months of arguments and tears. You’re just starting to accept this is going to happen and you need […] [...]

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Divorce basics – what you need to know about getting divorced

How do I separate and what’s involved in a divorce? Our divorce basics blog tells you everything you need to know. There are two things that need to happen for you to separate; you must make […] [...]

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How long does a divorce take in the UK?

I’m frequently asked the question, how long does it take to get divorced? the simple answer is many months. I imagine if you’re the instigator of the divorce this isn’t what you want to hear. [...]

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Divorce admin…Is divorce difficult because of the admin?

Russell Brand recently joked that the hardest part of getting divorced was the divorce admin. The hardest part of divorce is always the emotional fall-out, but Brand does have a point. Getting divorced in England […] [...]

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How to use unreasonable behaviour as the grounds for divorce UK

If you need to get divorced using ‘unreasonable behaviour’ as the ground for divorce, then this is all you need to know about divorcing under English and Welsh law. Not sure what fact you are […] [...]

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How to use five years separation as the grounds for divorce

There are five ‘facts’ in English and Welsh law that you can rely upon to prove your marriage has broken down ‘irretrievably’.. The definitions of these facts can be confusing, this blog explains the five […] [...]