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Establishing a new relationship with money after divorce

Reaching a fair financial settlement often takes centre stage during a divorce or separation and is key in achieving an amicable divorce. For many, a divorce marks not only a change in financial circumstances, but the start of establishing a new relations [...]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Financial Settlement

If you're negotiating your financial settlement as part of your divorce or separation as well as dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19), then the anxiety levels can start to feel overwhelming. But don't worry, we are here to help, and have put together some [...]

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What happens if a consent order is broken?

A consent order (sometimes called a financial order) will legalise the financial arrangements you have made with your ex when you divorce / end your civil partnership. It’s also the document that will end financial claims against each other in the future. [...]

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How to get a consent order online

Ending your marriage or civil partnership is one legal process and ending your financial ties is completely different legal process. The legal process of severing your financial ties is called a consent order or financial order. This blog will explain how [...]

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Divorce, Separation & Dissolution terms explained

There can be a lot of new and confusing terminology to get to grips with when you separate divorce or dissolve your civil partnership. In this blog we have set out some of the commonly confused terms in everyday language and when they may be applicable to [...]

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Divorce and property – what you need to do and know in three simple steps

A big consideration when you divorce or separate is how to sort out any property you own. Every separation is different, but the tips below are a good place to start and will hopefully save you time, money and hassle. [...]

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Financial separation when you legally separate

Save time, energy and money by considering the principals for financial separation before the details bog you down. What is financial separation? Financial separation is agreeing with your ex how to split your property or financial […] [...]

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How to split assets in a divorce

Splitting your assets (and your debts) when you decide to divorce can feel overwhelming. However, a few simple steps can help make things clearer and reduce the stress and strain on your emotions. If you’re […] [...]

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What’s the difference between legal separation and divorce?

Confusingly a legal separation is different to a separation agreement. A legal separation (Judicial) is the process of going through the Courts to formalise your separation. A separation agreement is a written document that notes […] [...]

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How much does divorce cost in the UK? – Step by step guide on how to keep the cost down

Divorce has a reputation for being expensive, but fees don’t have to rise through the roof. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep the costs down so that breaking up doesn’t have to break […] [...]

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What is a consent order? Guide to financial consent orders

* A consent order is a legally binding document that sets out the financial arrangements you and your ex have come to. It details how you’re going to split any assets, debts, pension, and income you […] [...]

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What is a divorce financial order?

A divorce financial order is a document that makes your agreements about how to split your finances legally binding. It usually has a clause in it that ends any future claims you may have against […] [...]