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Tag "consentorders" posts

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amicable’s guide to navigating gov.uk as you divorce

Since the introduction of ‘no-fault divorce’ more people than ever are starting their divorce on the government website. It’s simple to kick off a divorce yourself but when it comes to sorting out your money and property things can quickly become baffling [...]

Applied for your conditional order? Here’s what to do next

If you or your ex have applied to end your ‘legal marriage’ with a no-fault divorce on the government website, you’ll be emailed to say you can apply for your Conditional Order 20 weeks after the application was made and the divorce issued (the ‘reflectio [...]

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How will the government's Autumn Statement 2022 impact separating couples?

Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement 2022 set out a raft of policies aimed at both stabilising the economy and dealing with inflation and the cost of living crisis. If you are divorcing or separating, the statement presents new challenges for you and your famil [...]

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What is a 'kitchen table agreement'?

If you decide to separate or divorce, you will need to agree on how you divide your finances. This means any money, property, debt, or pensions. There are lots of ways you can reach an agreement on how to separate your finances, and some options are cheap [...]

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What is a ‘clean break’ following divorce?

When you get married, you become financially tied to your partner. If you divorce your partner, it might surprise you to learn that this doesn’t automatically end your financial relationship with them. A ‘clean break’ usually refers to a type of order th [...]

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Rupert and Jerry – an amicable divorce?

It is being reported that Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are to divorce. Neither are strangers to the process. We believe that divorce doesn’t have to be conducted from heavily lawyered silos, even for the super-rich, who just like the rest of us will not [...]

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How much does divorce cost in the UK? – Step by step guide on how to keep the cost down

Divorce has a reputation for being expensive, but fees don’t have to rise through the roof. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep the costs down so that breaking up doesn’t have to break […] [...]

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Financial disclosure and divorce

We often get asked by our customers, whether or not you need to disclose your finances to your spouse if you’re divorcing. This will depend on your individual situation and the nature of your divorce. We have outlined below when financial disclosure migh [...]

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Is it a gift or is it a loan?

A frequent question that comes up with our customers, is whether a sum of money given by a parent to the couple, or one of them in particular, is a gift or loan. Clarity on this matter has been somewhat reached through the judgment passed by HHJ Edward He [...]

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Pension Sharing Orders - FAQs

A pension sharing order will require one former spouse’s pension provider to give some, or all, of the funds in that pension plan to their ex (the ‘recipient’). A pension sharing order can be made in respect of a pension either before or after it is in p [...]

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What is a consent order and how to get one online?

Ending your marriage or civil partnership is one legal process and ending your financial ties is completely different legal process. The legal process of severing your financial ties is called a consent order or financial order. This blog will explain how [...]

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Divorce, Separation & Dissolution terms explained

There can be a lot of new and confusing terminology to get to grips with when you separate divorce or dissolve your civil partnership. In this blog we have set out some of the commonly confused terms in everyday language and when they may be applicable to [...]

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What’s the difference between legal separation and divorce?

Many people ask us ‘what’s the difference between separation and divorce?’. Confusingly a legal separation (judicial separation) is different to a separation agreement, and both are different to a divorce. […] [...]

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What is a consent order? Guide to financial consent orders

A consent order is a legally binding document that sets out the financial arrangements you and your ex have come to. It details how you’re going to split any assets, debts, pension, and income you […] [...]

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What is a divorce financial order guide

A divorce financial order is a document that makes your agreements about how to split your finances legally binding. It usually has a clause in it that ends any future claims you may have against […] [...]

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Debt and Divorce (England and Wales)

You, like many, might be wondering ‘what happens to debt in divorce?’. Debt refers to a sum of money that is owed or due to another individual or institution. There are many different types of debt and it might surprise you to know that debt is included w [...]

Pensions on divorce and dissolution

If you have decided to divorce, or dissolve your civil partnership, you and your ex need to decide how to separate, and possibly share, your financial assets. The first step is to provide each other with full details of your income, property, pensions an [...]

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What’s a Mesher Order? Options for sorting out the family home

A Mesher Order forms part of your consent (financial) order and allows you to postpone the sale of the family home until your children have completed their secondary education (sometimes extended to cover their university education). Crucially... [...]

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Establishing a new relationship with money after divorce

Reaching a fair financial settlement often takes centre stage during a divorce or separation and is key in achieving an amicable divorce. For many, a divorce marks not only a change in financial circumstances, but the start of establishing a new relations [...]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Financial Settlement

If you're negotiating your financial settlement as part of your divorce or separation as well as dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19), then the anxiety levels can start to feel overwhelming. But don't worry, we are here to help, and have put together some [...]