Tag "familylaw" posts

Tag "familylaw" posts

Brandon Lewis is appointed as Secretary of State for Justice

We welcome the appointment of Brandon Lewis as Secretary of State for Justice and look forward to working together to continue to reduce the strain on divorcing and separating couples. [...]

Kate Daly
The rise of couples services in a post 'no-fault' divorce world

The introduction of no-fault divorce in England and Wales in April 2022 is changing how couples approach separation. The perverse necessity to play the blame game is gone. As a result, there has been a striking increase in couples seeking more amicable wa [...]

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What is a Divorce Specialist?

A Divorce Specialist refers to a professional who can assist you with the legal process of divorce. They can sometimes also help you navigate the emotional process too. At amicable, our experts are Divorce Specialists. They have a variety of backgrounds, [...]

Kate Daly and Pip Wilson
No-fault divorce has finally been introduced in England & Wales

We are thrilled to announce that today, No-fault divorce has been introduced in England and Wales. This represents the biggest change in divorce laws in over 50 years and something that we have been campaigning for as a company for a long time. amicable [...]

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Government increases court fees for divorcing and separating couples in England and Wales

The government has announced that they will be increasing the court fee costs for divorcing and separating couples at the end of the month. This means, separating couples in England and Wales will pay more for applying for the legal paperwork associated w [...]

Royal Courts of Justice
amicable wins High Court Judgment allowing couples to divorce without lawyers

A landmark judgment in the High Court validates legal services company amicable’s right to help divorcing couples negotiate financial settlements and create joint legal documents [...]

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Divorce, Separation & Dissolution terms explained

There can be a lot of new and confusing terminology to get to grips with when you separate divorce or dissolve your civil partnership. In this blog we have set out some of the commonly confused terms in everyday language and when they may be applicable to [...]

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When will no-fault divorce begin in UK?

No-fault divorce was introduced on the 6th of April 2022, replacing the previous system for divorce. [...]

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What is a decree nisi? A step by step guide on how to apply

If you are legally ending your marriage by divorcing or ending your civil partnership through a dissolution in England and Wales, there are four main documents that need to be completed. The ‘decree nisi’ is one of the four main documents involved in the [...]

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Ticking the 'financial box' on my divorce application - what does it mean and should I tick yes or no?

This very common question creates a lot of confusion and panic, this blog aims to explain what it means and to help you understand if you should tick it or not. Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, for clarity, we are referring to the 'Do you want to ap [...]

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Why we need to disrupt the family law sector UK

There’s a genuine problem with the way family law works in this country, and the impact it has on divorcing and separating couples and their families – so why has there been so little disruption? […] [...]

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The launch of amicable’s unique way to divorce

amicable’s unique way to divorce launches this week. Exciting times… So why do we believe traditional models are broken? The majority of people in the UK use a traditional way to divorce, usually, one of these […] [...]

Woman thinking with caption I divorced on religious grounds, he thought he was god, I didn't
Grounds For Divorce : What are they and do I have them?

In England and Wales, you must be married at least a year and have divorce grounds to legally end your marriage. In this blog, I will explain what that means. You have divorce grounds if your marriage […] [...]

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No-fault divorce bill in England and Wales Guide – latest updates 2022

This guide will explain the meaning of ‘No-fault divorce,’ in England and Wales and how to start your divorce process. [...]

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Two years separation as the grounds for divorce

Now that No-fault divorce is law in England and Wales you can no longer use two years separation as the reason for your divorce. [...]

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How to use adultery as grounds for divorce in England & Wales

In English and Welsh law adultery can be used as a ‘fact’ for the Grounds for Divorce if you want to prove that your marriage has broken down. There are five facts or reasons to ‘rely’ […] [...]

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The pros and cons of the online divorce

This week the government launched a nationwide way for couples to apply for a divorce online. The catalyst for this change? 40% of divorce applications are rejected due to errors. If you’re considering an online […] [...]

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No longer need your divorce lawyer?

There are many reasons why you may want to end your legal representation when you are going through a divorce and you may be confused or overwhelmed as to how to go about it. If you are currently being represented by a lawyer, as long as your all paid up [...]

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The Top 3 Common Law Myths You Should Know About

If you’re co-habiting and things go sour, you should protect yourselves by being aware of these three common myths when it comes ‘common law’ and your cohabiting rights. [...]

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What’s the difference between marriages and civil partnerships?

Looking for the key differences between marriage and entering into a civil partnership?’. We’ve listed some of the top ones in this blog. [...]