Tag "children" posts

Tag "children" posts

Decorating tree
Co-parenting at Christmas tips 2023

The Pause Button retrains our brain not to interrupt during a conversation. It encourages us to very deliberately pause for a few seconds and take a breath instead of cutting short our co-parent’s thoughts. We can find pausing difficult because we may not [...]

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How can divorce impact children?

We’re bombarded with headlines about how bad divorce is for children. In reality, it’s ‘bad’ separations that can have a negative impact on children, due to two main culprits - parental absence and conflict. It’s not always possible to control these, [...]

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We’re proud to announce our partnership with Gingerbread

Today we announce our partnership with Gingerbread, the UK’s largest national single parents charity. Gingerbread has supported and championed single parents since 1918. Originally called the National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child, they’v [...]

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Parenting apart resources for LGBTQ+ parents and children

Our team of Divorce Specialists are experienced in working with all forms of diverse families in our co-parenting services and more widely in our divorce and separation services. It’s important for any child to have their identity celebrated in every way. [...]

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Finding your feet as a single parent with Zoë Desmond from Frolo

Advice from Frolo Founder, Zoë Desmond. When my son, Billy, turned one, my relationship with his dad broke down. It was a really tough time and I was taken aback by how lonely and isolated I felt. Weekends were hardest when the loneliness of being a singl [...]

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amicable’s checklist for the 20-week reflection period

No-fault divorce was introduced in England and Wales on the 6th of April 2022. This represents the end of the ‘blame game’, meaning you no longer need to blame each other in the legal paperwork. There are several changes to the system which includes the [...]

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Five things you didn’t know about co-parenting and one that you probably do

Let’s start with the one you probably do. Co-parenting might be the best thing you ever do for your children post-divorce. But it will also be the hardest. You may get used to it, but it probably won’t feel particularly easy. Time can be a great healer, a [...]

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Tips on how to approach 'discipline' if you’re co-parenting

In general, how couples decide to discipline their children can be a tricky topic to navigate, so if you throw in a divorce or separation, it can complicate things even more. I know this from experience, as I have successfully co-parented my two children [...]

Video call
What is a co-parenting specialist and when might you need one?

A co-parenting specialist is usually a professional who is able to guide you through your transition from parents to co-parents following a separation or divorce. They can have a variety of backgrounds and there is no set pathway to this career. For examp [...]

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amicable’s guide to children’s mental health and divorce

Divorce and separation is not only difficult for the couple, but also for their children as well. As with any loss (in this case, changes to the family unit), divorce and separation can impact children’s mental health. However, there are ways to help your [...]

birdnest and house
The amicable guide to nesting arrangements

If you’ve recently separated or divorced, you may have done some provisional research into the various co-parenting patterns people choose to adopt once they transition from parents to co-parents. You therefore may have come across the term ‘nesting’ and [...]

Couple in mediation
A guide to the Family Mediation Voucher scheme

Find out what the new Family Mediation Voucher scheme is, if you're eligible for the £500 mediation voucher and what other alternatives are out there to help with agreeing finances and childcare post-divorce and separation. [...]

Child holding parent's hands
What is a child residence order? (child arrangement order) - Costs & how to apply

Child residence orders are now referred to as ‘Child Arrangement Orders’ in England and Wales. The court operates a ‘no order principal’ which means they will not make an order (for residency or anything else with regards to children) unless there is just [...]

Children decorating a tree
amicable’s co-parenting Christmas checklist 2021

With only a month to go until Christmas Day, we’ve written our amicable co-parenting at Christmas checklist, to help keep things simple at one of the busiest and most emotive times of the year. We hope this checklist will help to avoid common co-parenting [...]

10 tips for co-parenting in separate countries

I co-parent my two boys, 17 and 11, with my ex-husband who lives in Europe. Predominately they live with me as they attend school in the UK. Our informal arrangement is that I have the boys during term time and my ex is responsible for school holiday time [...]

Teen on laptop
Tips to help you co-parent your teenager

Divorce is challenging for all children regardless of their age however, it can be particularly challenging for teenagers. Teenagers are already going through an enormous period of change in their lives and having two parents who are at odds with one anot [...]

Child playing with toys
How to help younger children deal with separation

My ex and I separated when our baby boy was two. In the eighteen months that have passed since the day she moved out of the family home, we have worked hard to heal and grow, both as a family and as individuals. I am happy to report that our current set-u [...]

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The pros and cons of co-parenting around the corner

When my wife and I separated, we decided to remain living close to one another as we co-parented our two-year-old son. This, at least, was our mid-term interim solution – our plan for a couple of years before we could go ahead and dissolve our Civil Partn [...]

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What is parallel parenting and how does it differ from co-parenting?

Parallel parenting is a unique arrangement that can be a consciously made decision or simply fallen into by circumstance. It is when two parents who are unable to communicate with each other in a respectful way can co-parent effectively by disengaging fro [...]

Baby lying on bed
My ex is having a baby

My ex recently told me he was expecting a baby with his partner. I knew that it was likely to happen, it's been years since we separated and we've both moved on and have committed relationships with our partners so when I heard the news, I was surprised [...]