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Five books for co-parents after divorce or separation

Old books that are worn at the edges

Originally published on 2nd April 2019 at 10:31 AM

Finding the right advice for you and your family can be a challenge, especially if you’re separating or separated.  There are many books out there offering advice to parents who are going through a separation. It’s tough to know who you should listen to. This blog includes a selection of co-parenting books that have been recommended by amicable’s co-parenting experts and includes titles for parents and children.

  1. 101 questions answered about separating with children

Created by OnlyMums & OnlyDads, a not for profit support and signposting service for separated/separating parents. This book covers the most frequently asked questions on divorce and separation.

Read more information here.

  1. The Guide for Separated Parents - Karen and Nick Woodall

This book helps parents to unlock and resolve the conflict around contact with children that can arise during and after separation. With lots of positive reviews online, this title includes advice on parenting plans, scripted phone calls and parenting meetings, with the aim to enable parents to communicate effectively on the most important things in their children's lives.

Read more information here.

  1. Mom’s House, Dad’s House

This title helps separating/separated parents to create two happy homes for their child/ren. The book covers the needs of all concerned with creative co-parenting options and advice in the legal, emotional, and practical realities of creating two happy and stable homes.

Read more information here.

  1. Parenting Apart - Christina McGhee

Quick and easy access to the information to help resolve co-parenting problems. Instead of reading it cover to cover, this book was designed to be “parent-friendly” and gives you the freedom to dip in and out when advice is required.

Read more information here

  1. amicable’s guide to Parenting Planning

Legal jargon-free advice on how to create a parenting plan that will create a happy, healthy environment where your child/ren can thrive. Each section includes a worksheet so you can make the Parenting Plan your own.

Read more information here.

Picture books for younger children to open discussion with them about divorce/separation

Dinosaurs Divorce 

A comforting explanation on what divorce means, why people divorce, how to live in two homes, how to tell your friends, how to accept new stepsisters and stepbrothers; plus much more.

Find out more information here.

Two Homes 

Appropriate for four years +. This book is written from a child’s point of view and describes what it is like to have two homes.

Find out more information here.

Have any other book recommendations? Please comment below.

Kate Daly
Kate Daly
Kate Daly is a co-founder of amicable and host of The Divorce Podcast. Kate is a divorce expert and helps couples and separated parents navigate divorce and separation amicably. She's passionate about changing the way the world divorces and campaigns for fairer divorce laws and access to justice.


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