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Dan Betts and daughter Evie
5 tips to help you communicate with your co-parent after separating

Author of the breaking dad blog and Instagram page Daniel Betts, teaches you how to communicate better with your ex after parental separation. [...]

Screenshot of the amicable co-parenting app
Introducing the amicable co-parenting app

amicable just launched a brand new app to support couples with parenting after a divorce or separation. [...]

Children decorating Christmas tree
How to co-parent this Christmas Guide

At a time when we are besieged with social media images of cosy families in matching Christmas PJs sitting around the tree, showing joy and togetherness you may well find yourselves navigating the difficult terrain of logistics, doubling up of presents, [...]

Mum and son embracing
Adjusting to life as a co-parent

The Frolo community is full of single parents who have been there, done that, and are happy to share their wisdom with other single parents. Here’s some of their best advice on adjusting to your new role as a co-parent. [...]

Dad and daughter at kitchen sink
Coronavirus (COVID-19) and It's Impact on Child Maintenance

Lots of you have been in touch asking about child maintenance payments during the COVID-19 lockdown. There's little official advice other than children under 18 should continue to see both parents and move between their two home to keep the status quo. Bu [...]

Big family on beach at sunset
Blended Families – Tips to help yours work

Creating your blended family can be tricky and treacherous at the beginning, but if you persevere then it can bring so much reward. Here are some things that will help you reach stable ground. [...]

Child at school, writing on paper
amicable co-parenting advice: your child's education

School is a major part of your children’s lives and a central pillar providing structure and social support, as well as academic opportunity. When you and their other parent separate, school may become particularly essential as a source of continuity and [...]

Mum dropping son and daughter off at Dad's house
Living arrangements for children post divorce or separation

Living arrangements for your children when you divorce and separate is usually a main focus for parents, and quite rightly. If you're not sure where to start and you need some help, read this blog on living arrangements written by a co-parenting expert. [...]

Little boy holding an orange ball
amicable's guide to child maintenance

Read amicable's guide to child maintenance, written by co-parenting experts, if you're divorcing or separating from your ex. [...]

Beach ball in swimming pool
Co-parenting over the holidays

The long summer holidays are about to start in England & Wales. Even in an undivided family, holidays can cause headaches over juggling childcare, work, breaks to routine, trips away. When you are trying to organise a separated family’s holiday time, it [...]

Child with birthday cake and candles
Co-parenting at your child's birthday party

Organising a party for your children when you're separated or separating can be a tricky balancing act. Having just gone through a series of kids' parties with my own, I wanted to share my tips in the hope it helps co-parents out there who are struggling [...]

Man, little girl, woman and dog walking
Tips for co-parenting after separation

“Co-parenting” describes a parenting relationship in which the child’s parents share responsibility for bringing up their child/children despite not being in a relationship with each other. It is often held up as the ideal way to parent children followin [...]

Introducing new partners to your ex partner after divorce
Introducing new partners to your ex partner after divorce

Advice from co-parenting expert, Marcie Shaoul, on how to introduce new partners to your blended family after divorce / separation. [...]

Father and daughter holding hands
Divorced Dads: Turn Father's Day Inside Out

Father's Day is supposed to be a holiday where Dads everywhere get celebrated by their nearest and dearest, where they get to kick back and get catered to, or at least left alone to enjoy one special day without too much pressure. But that's not easy f [...]

Mother and son hugging
Lara's story: Things I wish I knew before I got divorced

Divorce is such an alien experience. Our world is turned upside down and inside out, and we often find ourselves reacting to what is happening, rather than standing back and trying to rationalise and plan. Whilst everyone’s situation (financial and other [...]

Man and woman texting on phones
3 tips to help you communicate with your ex as you separate or divorce

Communication with your ex during a divorce or separation can be fraught and full of stress. When you are caught in a cycle of conflict, with hurt and fear in the mix, it can be all too easy for tempers to flare, for things to be said and done, and for t [...]

Boy and girl walking on path in long grass
Childcare arrangements after divorce & separation

Adjusting to your new family set up post-separation can be challenging. You may not get it right first time, and things will change with time, so what worked, in the beginning, may not be working for you now. All of this is normal. The key thing to remem [...]

Old books that are worn at the edges
Books for co-parents after divorce or separation

Finding the right advice for you and your family can be a challenge, especially if you’re separating or separated. There are many books out there offering advice to parents who are going through a separation. It’s tough to know who you should listen to. [...]

Mother and son watering plants
How to handle Mothers’ Day as a single parent – tips for Mums and Dads

It’s impossible to escape the media hype about Mothers’ Day, and when you’re separated and going through a divorce, it can be challenging to handle the emotions that you might find well up. All those sugary images of smiling, happy families are impossible [...]

Two women looking at a lake at sunset
5 things your adult child wants you to know about how your divorce is affecting them

Divorcing couples with young children are inundated with advice on how to tell the children and how to act in their best interests, but there is very little advice or research out there to help you navigate talking to your adult children about your split. [...]