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Originally published on 25th March 2024 at 10:42 AM
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In this episode, Kate was joined by Professor Lisa Doodson and Rebecca Jones from amicable to discuss introducing new partners and navigating blended families.

Episode #104: Introducing a new partner after divorce or separation

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Meet our guests

Lisa is a chartered psychologist and founder of HappySteps, a consultancy providing training and advice to professionals and families directly.

As an expert in the field, Lisa frequently contributes to TV documentaries and comments in the press.

Rebecca, or Bec, is a divorce specialist at amicable and was previously a family solicitor. Bec has also been through her own divorce and now has a blended family.

About this episode

This episode is full of tips about introducing new partners and general advice on blended families. We look at some of the unique challenges that each presents, as well as the potential benefits of growing up in a blended family.

Lisa provides insightful advice about coping with different parenting styles, as well as tips on establishing house rules. Bec gives many tips on practical things families can do to make the journey smoother, based on her experience.

This episode is a real homage to the idea that families come in all shapes and sizes and there's no ‘right’ way to parent your kids, highlighting the fact that respect and communication are the foundations for a happy blended family.

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