Tag "movingon" posts

Tag "movingon" posts

Woman swimming
The unexpected joys of breakups

One bright autumn morning during the ambiguously gradual unravelling of my five-year relationship, I strolled briskly from our rented house on Brixton Hill across Brockwell Park to the Lido. I was looking forward to the mindful back and forth of swimming [...]

Guide to living together during your separation or divorce

We are now seeing more and more couples living ‘under the one roof’ during and post-separation, often because of circumstances that cannot be controlled or changed quickly, for example, inability to find alternative accommodation, financial pressure or be [...]

The breaking dad and Evie
Four tips for coping with separation

“It’s over.” These two words, when used in the context of a relationship, can have a deep, lasting and upsetting impact on both the person receiving them, as well as the person delivering them. The end of a relationship marks the end of your journey with [...]

Baby lying on bed
My ex is having a baby

My ex recently told me he was expecting a baby with his partner. I knew that it was likely to happen, it's been years since we separated and we've both moved on and have committed relationships with our partners so when I heard the news, I was surprised [...]

Dan Betts and daughter Evie
5 tips to help you communicate with your co-parent after separating

Author of the breaking dad blog and Instagram page Daniel Betts, teaches you how to communicate better with your ex after parental separation. [...]

Woman admiring a sunrise
Life after divorce – A rough guide

There’s lots of advice out there about how to move past your divorce or what you ‘should do’ when it comes to navigating life after divorce. For many of us, we’re not able to hear or receive that kind of information when it’s given – however, well-meaning [...]

Man sitting at desk looking out of window
A New Direction: Changing Careers During Your Divorce

In a poll of British workers from 2019, 64% admitted that finding a new job was a priority for 2020. For many people, work accounts for a huge amount of their time, so finding the right job is essential both emotionally and financially. If you’re in the [...]

Man and woman hugging
Moving on post separation - dating expert Charly Lester

Following a separation or divorce, it can be tricky to get back into the dating game. Dating expert Charly Lester, who is the co-founder of Lumen, the dating app for over 50s, shares her advice on moving on. [...]

Mother and son hugging
Lara's story: Five things I wish I knew before I got divorced

Divorce is such an alien experience. Our world is turned upside down and inside out, and we often find ourselves reacting to what is happening, rather than standing back and trying to rationalise and plan. Whilst everyone’s situation (financial and other [...]

Man and woman texting on phones
3 tips to help you communicate with your ex as you separate or divorce

Communication with your ex during a divorce or separation can be fraught and full of stress. When you are caught in a cycle of conflict, with hurt and fear in the mix, it can be all too easy for tempers to flare, for things to be said and done, and for t [...]

Woman working on laptop
How to change back to your maiden name after divorce

Guidance on how to change back to your maiden name after a divorce / civil partnership dissolution. [...]

Two women looking at a lake at sunset
5 things your adult child wants you to know about how your divorce is affecting them

Divorcing couples with young children are inundated with advice on how to tell the children and how to act in their best interests, but there is very little advice or research out there to help you navigate talking to your adult children about your split. [...]

House with bright red front door
Can you get a divorce & still own property together? Guide to divorce & house ownership

Divorce, when you own a house, can seem a little complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. There are a few reasons why you may want to still own a house with [...]

Man, woman and dog on bench looking away from each other
How to know when it's over and if you should leave

It’s that time of year… Christmas wasn’t the Waitrose/Morrisons advert you’d been hoping for and the strains of spending the festive break in a flagging relationship have pushed you to seriously consider your options. You are not […] [...]

Europe and Britain separating
Are you sure it’s over? How to Brexit amicably

A lot of commentators have compared Brexit to a divorce, albeit a very complex one. We at amicable know that when you divorce, especially  if you have children, the way you approach it and the […] [...]

Watch and two rings
How to save money on your divorce with timing tips

It may be a cliché to say timing is everything, but in divorce it’s crucial to making it through amicably with your heart and bank balance intact. In this blog we’ll show you how to […] [...]

Four children wearing Christmas socks
Christmas, divorce and separated co-parenting

Welcome to the amicable guide to Christmas, divorce and separated parenting. If it’s your first Christmas as separated parents or even the first time you’ll be without the kids  – don’t worry – our guide […] [...]

Woman on phone with cold drink
Post-divorce checklist - what to do & things to change after divorce

amicable’s post-divorce checklist makes the post-divorce to do list a little easier by breaking down what you need to do on a life admin basis. Tips for post-divorce practicalities; 1. Try and do all your […] [...]

Two rings on wood
What to do with your weddings rings when your divorce is official

So you’ve decided to divorce, the Decree Absolute’s arrived but what do you do with your wedding rings now that your divorce is official? Sell them You might want to clear out everything to do […] [...]

Channel 4 logo
Grayson Perry’s new Channel 4 documentary and how to get involved

amicable is working with Channel4 on a ground-breaking new documentary series with Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry. Grayson would like to speak to couples in the process of establishing new lives after a separation, with […] [...]