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Originally published on 2nd May 2024 at 10:45 AM
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In this episode, Kate is joined by Founder of the Bristol Grandparents Support Group, Jane Jackson, and amicable Divorce Specialist, Anthony Syder to discuss role of grandparents during parental separation and divorce.

Episode #108: The role of grandparents during parental separation

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About the episode

Kate, Jane and Anthony touch on a variety of topics including what can happen during an acrimonious separation, especially how grandparents can lose touch with their grandchildren, as well as the rights they may have and the more amicable ways of regaining contact.

This episode is full of tips and highlights the importance of putting the children first, as well as the value grandparents can bring to children’s upbringing.

Meet the guests

Jane founded the Bristol Grandparents Support Group in 2007 when she lost contact with her granddaughter due to her sons’ divorce.

The support group aims to inform people of the issues surrounding Grandparents and their rights to see their Grandchildren when contact has been denied.

Jane holds bi-monthly support groups remotely to help grandparents deal with estrangement, an issue affecting one in seven.

Anthony is a Divorce Specialist at amicable and has worked in the area of divorce, mediation and family dispute resolution for the past 10 years. His areas of interest include the voice of the child and diverse and inclusive families.

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