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Originally published on 9th August 2023 at 10:14 AM
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With so much parenting information available online, sifting through to find useful resources can be tricky. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favourite books, podcasts, apps and blogs to give you a helpful bank to explore over the summer.

It’s no easy feat being a separated parent, especially when you’re juggling childcare with everything else going on in your life. However, if you have a spare moment, we’d recommend looking through some of these resources as they may help ease the process of adapting to your new life parenting apart.

Resources for separated parents over the summer holidays

Books for separated parents

There are many books which can help guide you through your journey. These can be particularly useful in helping you navigate issues that arise during periods like the summer holidays.

101 Questions answered about separating with children

Created by OnlyMums & OnlyDads, a not-for-profit support and signposting service for separated/separating parents; ‘101 questions’ covers the most popular queries surrounding divorce and separation.

The Guide for Separated Parents - Karen and Nick Woodall

This book seeks to help parents resolve the conflict surrounding spending time with children, especially those which can arise during and after separation. The book includes advice on parenting plans, scripted calls, and parent meetings. It aims to help parents communicate effectively on the most important things in their children's lives.

Parenting Apart - Christina McGhee

‘Parenting apart’ offers quick and easy access to essential information that can help resolve issues specific to separated parents. It’s broken down into chapters, enabling you to dip in and out across the summer and to find guidance on specific issues.

Split Survival Kit: 10 Steps For Coping With Your Parents' Separation - Dr Angharad Rudkin

This book by Dr Angharad Rudkin and Ruth Fitzgerald helps children navigate their parents’ divorce. It guides them through ten simple steps and techniques to provide healthy coping strategies for their parents’ divorce.

The Queer Parent: Everything You Need to Know From Gay to Ze

‘The Queer Parent’ provides unique information sourced by various specialists and includes the personal stories of LGBTQ+ families. Lotte Jeffs and Stu Oakley discuss all aspects of LGBTQ+ parenting. They have specific sections on parenting following separation, whilst also being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Recommended apps to help separated parents

There are apps for everything now and there are many that can help separated and divorced parents. In the below list, there are specific apps for parenting apart and other apps that can help manage the day-to-day.

amicable’s co-parenting app

Whatever stage of the parenting apart journey you are at, the amicable co-parenting app is designed to support cooperative parenting through the secure messaging function, shared calendar for care arrangements, goals feature, and the ability to book troubleshooting calls with a co-parenting specialist. It can be a great way to manage your parenting calendar over the summer, especially if communication with your ex-partner is tricky.

Wellbeing apps

Separated parenting can be stressful and have its challenges which can impact our mental health. Here are a few wellbeing apps aimed at helping you stay centred and prioritise your mental health as you parent:

  • Headspace - Is an app that aims to reduce stress, relax your mind and improve focus through it’s science-backed meditation tools
  • Calm - An app which helps you improve your sleep and wellbeing
  • Day One - A journaling app to help you channel daily thoughts and feelings

Meal-planning apps

Carving out time to get meals on the table can be a real challenge for separated parents. Luckily, there are now lots of meal-planning apps that can assist you in finding recipes and creating shopping lists. They can save you time and make meal preparation more convenient.

Here are a few you can explore:

  • Mealime - A meal planning app
  • Yummly - A meal planning and recipe app
  • Cookpad - A community-based recipe-swapping website and app
  • Whisk - Is an app that enables you to share recipes within a community as well as store your favourites in one place

Budgeting apps

Budgeting apps can help you track your expenses, set financial goals and manage your finances effectively as a separated parent. This way, you’ll be able to see what you’re spending overall and know where to cut-back. This also helps when it comes to dividing money and property when you get divorced.

  • Emma, Mint, YNAB and Goodbudget are budgeting apps
  • HyperJar - Is a free pre-paid debit card and money app to help you budget more effectively
  • Plum - Is an app that allows you to link every single one of your cards to it
  • Snoop - Is an app that focuses on saving you money by offering financial suggestions.

Podcasts for parents apart

Whether you’re doing tasks at home or just looking for something to listen to on the way to work, podcasts have become a go-to for a lot of people. They’re a fantastic way to gain insights, advice and support while going about your daily routine. We’ve handpicked some of our favourite podcasts that are specifically tailored to the experiences and challenges faced by single parents and other parenting relationships:

The Divorce Podcast

The Divorce Podcast explores all aspects of ending relationships, separation and parenting apart. This podcast is hosted by Kate Daly, a relationship counsellor, divorce specialist, and co-founder of amicable, the online legal service for separating couples. Each episode looks at relationships and separation from different angles including emotional, legal and social. Kate is joined by experts and special guests who share their own stories, experiences, and tips.

The Divorce Social

Hosted by Samantha Baines, ‘The Divorce Social’ podcast aims to change the conversations, perceptions and stigmas surrounding breakups and divorce. There are a wide variety of episodes focused on separated parents which delve into the unique experiences, emotions, and practical considerations faced by those raising children by themselves or in different dynamics.

Scummy Mummies

Having joined forces in 2013, Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn’s podcast ‘Scummy Mummies’ supplies a lot of handy advice through discussions of their personal experiences.

Some Families

If you're a fan of audio resources, Lotte Jeffs and Stu Oakley also host the ‘Some Families’ podcast. The podcast touches on the unique stories of being a separated parent while being part of the LGBTQ+ community. From transitioning as a separated parent to the day-to-day challenges of single parenthood, ‘Some Families’ is a wonderful exploration of the changing face of families.

The best blogs for separated parents

There are a huge range of blogs about parenting post-divorce with some providing practical tips and others sharing stories of their own experiences. We wanted to share a list of useful blogs that will help you find your feet as a divorced parent and give you the tools to plan ahead (especially for the summer holidays).

amicable’s blog

Our blog covers a wide variety of content for separated parents, as well as guidance around separation, finances and the legal aspect of separating. For more tips on parenting apart, explore our children and co-parenting section.

Frolo’s blog

Frolo’s blogs contain personal stories and useful information for separated parents on general and unique topics.

Slummy Single Mummy

Jo Middleton’s ‘Slummy Single Mummy’ blog outlines her journey as a single parent, covering a wide range of issues. Her authentic voice allows readers to relate to her experiences as well as find useful and practical tips to ease the day-to-day.

Breaking Dad

‘Breaking Dad’ is a blog which focuses on father and daughter, Dan and Evie. Dan is a UK dad who uses his blog to educate his readers about parenting apart and the reality of living in a blended family. Being one of the only few single-dad blogs, Dan offers a very personal and unique perspective on several key issues relating to being a father following separation.

As a final suggestion, we’d like you to remember to take care of yourself as well as your kids. Self-care and self-compassion are vital for maintaining not just your own, but also your kids’ welfare. They like to see their parents happy and well-rested. With the right tools and a positive mindset, you can navigate your parenting journey more confidently.


Is it normal for divorced parents to spend holidays together?

It's not uncommon for divorced or separated parents to spend the holidays together, but it depends on the situation. If parents can get along well and co-parent effectively, it can be a positive experience. However, if there are still hard feelings or unresolved issues, it can be stressful for everyone.

How do you split summer holidays when divorced?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but in our experience, dividing the holidays into larger chunks, like one parent having the kids for two weeks, then the other parent for three weeks, and so on. However, there are some important considerations that must be accounted for before making summer plans like your work schedules, the age of the child(ren) as well as any travel plans.

Why are holidays hard after divorce?

Divorce can be a grieving process, and holidays can amplify feelings of sadness, loneliness, or anger. You might miss having your ex around, or you might feel pressure to create a perfect holiday for your kids despite your own emotional state.

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