Tag "technology" posts

Tag "technology" posts

Cryptocurrency and divorce (England & Wales)

If you’re currently going through divorce (or dissolution) proceedings and you are planning on formalising your financial arrangements through a financial remedy order or a consent order, you will need to disclose everything you have in order for the cour [...]

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How amicable's technology offers access to justice for separating couples

In January 2020, the High Court ruled that amicable's LawTech model created to help separating and divorcing couples to separate amicably has a vital role to play in promoting and promulgating access to justice. [...]

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Lawyers vs Machines

In 1996, a speaker told The Law Society that in five years’ time the predominant method of communication between lawyer and client would be email. The law society responded by banning the speaker from addressing […] [...]

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amicable featured in Legal Futures

Legal Futures’ Nick Hilborne wrote about amicable today, here’s what he had to say: Amicable app’ aims to take some of the pain – and cost – out of divorce A counsellor and a tech […] [...]

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Why we need to disrupt the family law sector UK

There’s a genuine problem with the way family law works in this country, and the impact it has on divorcing and separating couples and their families – so why has there been so little disruption? […] [...]

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Can you help us change the way the world views divorce?

amicable is looking for a limited number of beta customers, join us and manage your separation in a new and unique way by becoming the first users of our ground breaking app.   It’s our view that […] [...]

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The launch of amicable’s unique way to divorce

amicable’s unique way to divorce launches this week. Exciting times… So why do we believe traditional models are broken? The majority of people in the UK use a traditional way to divorce, usually, one of these […] [...]

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amicable is announced as National Technology Awards finalist

Innovation of the year Press Release:amicable has been shortlisted for the Innovation of the year, in the National Technology Awards. The legal services disruptor, has been nominated for their ground-breaking app helping divorcing and separating couples [ [...]

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amicable raises angel investment in order to help more couples to separate amicably

amicable is delighted to announce that we have successfully secured £472,260 from a remarkable group of angel investors. Since launching to customers in January 2017, we have been amazed by the number of couples who […] [...]

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The pros and cons of the online divorce

This week the government launched a nationwide way for couples to apply for a divorce online. The catalyst for this change? 40% of divorce applications are rejected due to errors. If you’re considering an online […] [...]