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Man, woman and dog on bench looking away from each other
How to know when it's over and if you should leave

It’s that time of year… Christmas wasn’t the Waitrose/Morrisons advert you’d been hoping for and the strains of spending the festive break in a flagging relationship have pushed you to seriously consider your options. You are not […] [...]

Person removing ring
Five questions to ask yourself before you separate or divorce

Being in the right emotional place is fundamental to having an amicable divorce. Find out if you’re ready to separate with our five simple, ‘ready for change’ questions. Perhaps the idea of ever being ready […] [...]

Couple holding hands
6 Questions to ask yourself before reconciling with your ex

Working out if a relationship is completely over versus going through a bad patch can be a difficult thing. Relationship breakdown is a process after-all – but not a linear one. It often involves a […] [...]