The rise of the divorce party

Divorce party

Originally published on 18th November 2021 at 3:37 PM

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What is a divorce party?

A divorce party or divorce ceremony is something that some people choose to do to mark the end of a very difficult and emotionally draining process, and for others, it’s simply an opportunity to celebrate the start of their new chapter with family and friends. Whilst divorce parties are a relatively new phenomenon, we think the increase in them is a good sign and if they're done right (more on this below) they can be a positive experience for both people and their close circle of friends and family. In England and Wales, 42% of marriages end in divorce, so couples and society getting 'better at breaking up' should be supported because whilst the end of a relationship can be really sad, it shouldn't be labelled as a bad thing.

Over the past few years there have been numerous high-profile divorce parties that have made the headlines due to their celebrity hosts.

Notable examples of celebrities who have had divorce parties are:

  • Kim Kardashian (Kanye West)
  • Katie Price (Peter Andre)
  • Courtney Stodden (Doug Hutchison)
  • Robin Thicke (Paula Patton)
  • Shanna Moakler (Travis Barker)

Do amicable divorce parties exist?

Yes. Interestingly, singers Jack White and Karen Elson, threw a joint divorce party, following their amicable separation on their sixth wedding anniversary. The couple invited friends and family to join them in celebrating their mutual decision to end the marriage, as close friends.

Another example of a mutual celebration of the end of a marriage is amicable customers Dilly and Mark, who decided to host a divorce ceremony, which was captured by the artist, Grayson Perry through his Channel Four documentary series ‘Rites of Passage’.

3 things to consider before hosting a divorce party.

1. What are your reasons for throwing a divorce party?

If revenge or competition is fueling your desire to host a divorce party, then think again. If however, your reason is to mark a new chapter of your life with friends and family then it’ll be a more positive and therapeutic experience.

2. Will you tell your children?

For children of divorce, a divorce party or ceremony can be a really positive experience, if it’s done right. really does depend on the age of your kids and how they have reacted to the separation so far. By marking the end of your relationship, in a positive way, you can model to your kids that it’s okay for relationships to end and that it’s better to be happy apart rather than unhappy together.

3. How will you feel after?

If you’ve hosted a divorce party for negative reasons like revenge, you may find that once the dust has settled, you feel worse after. If however, you host a divorce party or ceremony for the right reasons, you may find it to be a uniquely rewarding experience for both you, your friends and your family and offers a chance to reflect on and celebrate the good times and the changing nature of your relationship.

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