Parenting apart basics: How to co-parent with Christina McGhee

Originally published on 6th September 2023 at 12:57 PM
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In the latest episode of The Divorce Podcast, Kate Daly, Co-founder of amicable is joined by Christina McGhee, an internationally recognised divorce parenting expert, speaker, and author.

Episode #91: Parenting apart with Christina McGhee

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About Christina:

Christina McGhee, MSW, is an internationally recognized divorce parenting expert, speaker, and author.

While splitting up is undeniably hard, Christina believes divorce doesn't have to equal devastation for families. She feels with the right kind of information and support, parents can be a child's absolute best resource when families change.

With over 25 years of experience, Christina has been featured across television, radio and podcasts including The Times, Channel 4 and the BBC.

Episode summary:

Kate begins this episode by exploring the emotional journey of children when their parents separate. Christina explains how emotions may vary between children and when to seek professional help, particularly with sadness and anger. They discuss how to talk to children about separation and the importance of using the word ‘divorce’. Christina gives some great tips on how to reply to questions your children might have, especially when you're not sure how to respond.

Christina's core principles provide valuable guidance to navigate the challenges of parenting apart, irrespective of the level of amicability between the parents involved.

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