Kate Daly

Co-founder and host of The Divorce Podcast
Kate Daly
Kate Daly co-founder and host of The DivorcePodcast

Co-founder & Host of The Divorce Podcast

Kate co-founded amicable with Pip Wilson following on from her own ‘trainwreck’ divorce where she spent thousands in legal fees which spanned over several years.

Kate is a certified Relationship Counsellor, Resolution trained Family Consultant and has worked with many of London’s top collaborative lawyers prior to starting amicable in 2015.

Since starting amicable she has collaborated with the MOJ and HMCTS on improving their understanding of consumer behaviour, and the digitisation of divorce, separation and co-parenting services. She has featured on the One Show, across the BBC, Women’s Hour and ITV News.

Kate DalyCo-founder and host of The DivorcePodcast
Kate Daly
Hosted by Kate Daly

The Divorce Podcast

The Divorce Podcast explores divorce, break-ups and co-parenting from different angles. Countering the often sensationalist way it is portrayed in the media and offering a pragmatic and helpful space for those who are navigating a separation.

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