5 tips for navigating Mother’s Day after divorce

Originally published on 28th September 2018 at 10:20 AM
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‘Family’ days like Mother’s Day after divorce or during the divorce journey can be difficult to navigate. A positive mindset and these amicable tips will help you to make the most out of the day and help you manage another day in the year as an effective co-parent.

1. Make plans

Be sure to plan ahead – this is a key habit that you’ll have to get used to if you want to maintain a harmonious co-parenting relationship. It’s natural that Mum’s will want to spend Mother’s Day with the kids and that Dad’s will want to spend Father’s Day with the kids.  Create a Parenting Plan and include where the kids will spend their time on these dates.

2. Focus on your kids

If they are used to old family traditions, it may be a difficult day for them. The reality is you will face many occasions where old memories and traditions remind you or the kids of how your family used to be. Adopt a mindset that embraces this new chapter of, exciting traditions and allow your kids to shape the new way of doing things.

3. Support your children’s relationship with their other parent

One of the best way to show your kids that you love them is to support their relationship with their other parent. Mother’s Day is an ideal opportunity to help them appreciate their mum and it might also be a good time for you to reflect on her positive qualities too. If the kids are small make sure you buy your ex a Mother’s Day card and encourage your kids do to do something nice for their Mum. And if you’re Mum, remember that Father’s Day is just around the corner, so you’ll have your time to do something nice in return.

4. Make what’s in your control, great

If you’re spending Mother’s Day with your kids, make the most of the day. Change is inevitable – it’s an opportunity as parents to teach your kids to embrace change. It’s hard if you can’t be with your children – especially if all your friends are with theirs. But remember its one day and the love you feel for your children and they feel for you shines brightly every day – not just on one designated Sunday in March!

5. Don’t get hung up on the detail

Life’s not perfect, so if your ex brings the kids back late, you can’t spend the day with your kids or it’s not quite how you’d thought it would be then take a deep breath and remember that what you’re feeling is normal and temporary.

Happy co-parenting relationships are entirely possible. For support on the transition from parent to co-parent, get in touch with an amicable expert.

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