How to embrace single parenthood post-separation

Originally published on 21st March 2024 at 9:35 AM
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There are lots of reasons why someone might become a single parent. Commonly, it’s due to parental separation.

The government defines single parents as those who care for their children most of the time, but being a single parent is best understood as a 'self-defined term’, so many of us identify as single parents.

Whatever your family set-up, whether you are doing it alone, have a bit of help or sharing the care, we're here to help on your separated parenting journey.

Tips to help you embrace single parenthood

1. Step away from the guilt

Feeling guilty is natural among single parents, especially if you're having to juggle work and childcare. Navigating these feelings can be challenging but important, as constantly feeling guilty will prevent you from enjoying the single-parent journey.

The only way is through, so start by acknowledging and accepting your emotions. You may want to get help coping with feelings of guilt and other negative emotions you may experience.

2. Celebrate small victories

Parenting can be tricky, and big milestones don’t come around often. Celebrating small victories helps you to remain positive and motivated.

Small victories can include daily routines, such as getting your kids fed and at school on time. This can also be an opportunity for you to teach your children a life skill; adopting a goal-centred approach to life.

3. Remember to enjoy the single-parent journey

Single parenting is a journey, and it’s to airbrush out the difficult moments easily to get swept up in the difficult and mundane aspects of it. But there are small, wonderful moments that you won’t get back if you’re always worried about the bigger things. When your children tell you about their day, make eye contact and really listen to them. Try to quiet noise and the constant to-do list.

4. Embrace professional help

Whether you're struggling or would benefit from some additional support, there are many professionals who can help you be the best possible parent and enjoy the single-parent journey.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, speaking to your GP is a good starting point. They will signpost you to the correct service or professional. If you need help with single parenthood, there are many professionals available, from amicable Co-parenting Specialists to Co-parenting Coaches. There are also charities, single-parent groups, and communities. If you surround yourself with a village, enjoy the small moments and remember to prioritise your care, you will have a much more positive experience.

How amicable can help:

Co-parenting Advice Consultation

If you need one-off advice, we have a Co-parenting Advice Consultation. This is a 60-minute session with an experienced Co-parenting Specialist to help you navigate a specific issue for £210 .

Holiday Co-parenting Arrangements Consultation

If you've already agreed but are struggling with the school holidays, we have a special Holiday Co-parenting Arrangements Consultation. A 90-minute session with a Co-parenting Specialist to help you agree on the school holidays and other special dates for £420 .

Parenting Negotiation Service

If you need help agreeing on all of your co-parenting arrangements, we have a Parenting Negotiation Service. It's designed to help you with all aspects of parenting apart. The service includes three expert-led sessions and a Parenting Plan to document your agreement. Your experienced Co-parenting Specialist will give you advice and support about how to adjust to change and help with the transition from parents to co-parents, and you can also discuss any other co-parenting issues stopping you from moving forward for £1920 .

If you would like some initial free advice, we offer 15-minute advice consultations to help you understand your options.

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Co-parenting advice

Speak to an amicable Coach for help transitioning from parents to co-parents.

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