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Originally published on 28th September 2018 at 10:20 AM
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In a recent article, Gary Lineker, called for a new approach to help couples 'divorce quickly and avoid the “manipulative” behaviour of lawyers.' Lineker and ex Danielle Bux separated in 2016.

We couldn’t agree more – and it’s something of a passion of ours. The current divorce process is broken, the costs both to the individuals (£40K per person on average if you go all the way in court) and to society as a whole (estimated £46 billion a year – £10 billion more than the defence budget) need reducing. We need more consistency and fairness in settlement awards, and less media spotlight on negative and destructive divorce stories – many of which are high-net-worth-outliers.

At present divorce is a lottery. There is little expectation management and the judge-based law we have in England and Wales allows for wide discretion. Whilst this is often understandably held up to be the great saviour of the system – allowing all cases to be settled on their individual merits – in real life, it allows for the perception of what Lineker describes as lawyers manipulating clients into spending more money and creating a culture of hate.

At amicable our mission is the change the way the world divorces. We have built an app that simplifies the divorce process, reduces the cost of divorce and helps people make fairer agreements more quickly. We’re also building the capability to help manage the division of assets using algorithms (‘mathematical formula’) to bring consistency and management of expectations – which we think is the key to ending the fighting and escalation.

If you want to find out to help us change the way the world divorce, and put your children first when you have taken the difficult decision to separate then please get in touch.

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