Rupert and Jerry – an amicable divorce?

Originally published on 24th June 2022 at 8:54 AM
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It is being reported that Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are to divorce. Neither are strangers to the process. It will be his fourth, while her marriage to Mick Jagger was annulled. The couple married in 2016 in a civil ceremony before a celebration at St Bride’s church in Fleet Street, the centre of the newspaper industry which Rupert Murdoch revolutionised in the 70’s and 80’s. Bearing in mind the vast difference in wealth at the time of the marriage there will almost certainly be a prenup setting out the terms of a financial settlement on divorce. But a prenup doesn’t guarantee an amicable divorce.

We believe that divorce doesn’t have to be conducted from heavily lawyered silos, even for the super-rich, who just like the rest of us will not want to see their wealth being syphoned off by hungry lawyers. That adversarial approach can deepen divisions and hurt. That is why, unlike a law firm, amicable can support both spouses in negotiating the separation and financial arrangements. The way in which amicable works was approved by Mr Justice Mostyn in a High Court ruling in 2020. The judge said that he was ‘fully satisfied that no conflict of interest arises’ from the fact that amicable works with both parties to the divorce.

Like every other couple who chose amicable Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall would work online with one of our divorce specialists. Bearing in mind their international travel commitments, online would allow them to fix meetings and Zoom from anywhere in the world. Our specialist would help them decide on their financial arrangements and navigate the legal process, eventually turning their agreement into a consent order. The amicable approach places as much emphasis on the emotional and psychological aspects of the divorce as it does on the legal and financial. Our specialists have a variety of backgrounds including in family law, mediation, psychology and counselling. That combination of skills has helped amicable achieve a 95% settlement rate for the divorcing couples that have used its service. Spouses who have loved each other once will normally want to remain friends and create a positive future apart. However, their divorce is concluded, we wish them an amicable separation and future.

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