What does a Divorce Coach do and how can they help with your divorce?

Originally published on 26th March 2020 at 12:50 PM
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The term ' Divorce Coach ' covers a wide range of activities.

At amicable, our Divorce Specialists help couples navigate the legal process , as well as the emotional journey . This includes helping them agree their children and financial arrangements through our coaching sessions, managing the legal process of divorce and turning their arrangements into a consent order.

Other professional Divorce Coaches might only help with the emotional process of divorce or separation. In this blog, we explore both types and how they might be able to help you with your own personal situation.

What can an amicable ‘Divorce Specialist’ do?

The things an amicable Divorce Specialist can do...

  • Help a couple to decide on their financial and children arrangements
  • Help a couple navigate the legal process of divorce from start to finish
  • Can turn agreed arrangements into a consent order
  • Co-parenting coaching

amicable is not a law firm and our Divorce Specialists work exclusively with couples, rather than lawyers who 'represent' individuals. Specialists work with a couple to help them to agree on the important things such as their children and finances, Our approach also differs from mediation, because we can write up the legal paperwork, whereas mediators can only help with the negotiation side of the process. You can find out how amicable differs from mediation here.

At amicable, our Divorce Specialists have a variety of backgrounds including in family law, mediation, psychology and counselling. Depending on service you choose, your amicable Divorce Specialists can help you agree on your financial and children arrangements, as well as write up the legal paperwork, such as a financial consent order. We also help couples manage the legal process from start to finish and handle the court correspondence.

You can listen to Kate Daly, Co-founder of amicable and host of The Divorce Podcast in conversation with two of amicable’s Coaches, who talk about their change in careers from mediator and family lawyer to Divorce Coach.

If you would like to learn more about our services or how we can help you, we offer free 15-minute consultation calls.

What are other types of ‘Divorce Coach’?

Other types of Divorce Coach might help with...

  • The emotional journey of divorce and separation
  • One-on-one work
  • Post-divorce and separation issues (parenting, moving-on and dating after divorce, rebuilding your life etc.)

Most professional Divorce Coaches will only help with the emotional side of the process, rather than the legal side. Receiving help with the emotional side of the process can be really useful in terms of getting your life on track post-separation. They can work with you together or individually and coach you through the various challenges and difficulties you may be experiencing.

This type of coaching can be helpful at various stages of the process, for example at the beginning. When the decision is made to end a relationship, you will both be coming to terms with your own emotions and when you add in children, families, friends and pets, suddenly the process can become overwhelming.

Here’s a breakdown of why more and more people work with both types of Divorce Coach and why their input can benefit your family:

1. Help the whole family focus on the future

Getting tied up in knots with ‘my lawyer says I’m entitled to…’ is quite frankly not a helpful approach to moving on with your lives. This is especially true if you have kids. A Divorce Coach can help you focus on what you both want for the future, help you reach acceptance about where you are now, and help you both to approach your separation calmly and rationally.

2. Set realistic goals for both of you financially

How do you divide everything fairly so that both parties and any children can have the support that is needed? An amicable Divorce Coach can help you to assess your financial reality, discuss how to split up fairly, and ensure you both leave the relationship in the best collective position.

3. Save time & money

Arguing over finances and/or children arrangements can cost you a fortune. Lawyers are usually expensive, and the costs can escalate very quickly. In no time, the money you both could be spending on your new lives is instead is being spent on arguing through lawyers. Using an amicable Divorce Coach to help you agree on your settlement can save you time and money because you don't need to pay two sets of legal fees and can reach an agreement quicker through staying on the same page and working collaboratively. It also eliminates miscommunication as you’re both hearing the same thing from the same expert.

Find out more about amicable’s Divorce Specialists approach and how it can help your unique family circumstances by booking a free 15-minute advice call here.

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