3 reasons NOT to use amicable's divorce services

3 reasons why NOT use amicable’s divorce services

Originally published on 28th September 2018 at 10:20 AM

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Posting a blog on reasons not to use amicable’s divorce divorce-diagnostic may seem odd. But there’s a good reason why. Since amicable launched, we’ve found that there are a three main worries couples face when considering using divorce and separation divorce-diagnostic. So, we wanted to talk through time top three worries (time, money and hassle) and ultimately explain exactly how amicable alleviates all three.

1. It’s expensive

amicable is actually one of the cheapest ways to divorce and separate. amicable can help you divorce from as little as £300 and all of our divorce-diagnostic are fixed price, so costs will never spiral out of control. For example, on average, if you use a divorce lawyer to sort out your finances, it can cost £8000 per person(!). Furthermore, most people don’t realise that divorce cases in England and Wales have a court fee of £550 attached to them. However, you may be entitled to a discount or be totally exempt so please get in touch with a member of the amicable team to find out.

2. It’s too complicated

Our divorce coaches do it all for you! All of amicable’s divorce coaches will guide you through the process and deal with the divorce admin. Legal jargon has been banished to make it easy for you to understand the process and paperwork.

3. It takes too long

amicable’s approach speeds up the process without making you feel rushed. The divorce coaches help you prepare so you can act quickly. The reality is whatever route you choose, DIY divorce or using a lawyer, the court process in England and Wales is slow and can take five to six months. amicable uses technology and expertise to speed the process up and we’ll never be unrealistic on timings.

If the above has made you rethink using amicable as a step forward, get in touch.

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Hannah Hodgkinson
Hannah Hodgkinson
Hannah Hodgkinson is Head of Marketing at amicable. Hannah has over six years experience working for global NGOs and private consultancies and has a passion for marketing for companies with a social purpose

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Maria cooper

09.10.2017 8:16

I could have missed it on reading your info but I can’t see any mention of a leally trained person/ solicitor on your team. I am concerned that My daughter won’t be given correct advise.

Hannah Hodgkinson

09.10.2017 8:16

Hi Maria, amicable is deliberately set up not to be a law firm, this approach allows us to work with both people in the couple to reach faster and fairer arrangements. We do have a Divorce Coach working for us who is a non-practising Divorce and Family Lawyer and is an expert in the legalities. Please let me know me know if you have any more concerns.


13.01.2020 4:47

If this is the Hannah I spoke to round about 10.15 on Friday I was put at ease. Hannah explained professionally how the procedure was carried out.