Where do I start with my divorce?

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Where on earth do I start?

Hi - we are both in agreement to get divorced and I guess we can start the process online to save some money at least. But where do we start with the financial side of things? My husband has bought himself a new property with inheritance (he lost both of is parents) and I don't wish to take any inheritance and he will not from me either - but we separated some 10 months ago and he continued to live here and he didn't contribute at all to the bills/rent nor provide maintenance to our daughter (she is now 16). Could I ask for back payment to bills/rent/maintenance for the 10 months? He is not violent to me, but does tend to punch walls and break the cabinet doors when he is pushed, so I feel intimidated and I have kept my head down. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you so much

Jo at 30.05.2022 14:57:28

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