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Theft of personal property

10.12.2018 5:22:51


I’m 8 months into a divorce turned nasty, and my wife has stolen my laptop. She lives in my £2mil house while I stay with my supportive sister just 3 miles away. Divorce was initiated by her because she started a phone affair with a man in a different country and has treated me like dirt since - says she wants 80% and me 20% of finances worth around 2.5, which won’t happen of course but just as a bit of background.
I left my laptop accidentally one evening after spending time there with the kids, and went back the following day but the laptop was gone. This was 3 weeks ago now. I’ve asked repeatedly if she knows where it is, but the answer is always no. I know she has taken it and in exasperation last Friday I used a Bluetooth scanner which showed it clearly being in the boot of her car, I checked again next day again and still in her car I confronted her with this information, and she went mad. She told me I’d stolen all manner of things from her, including random jewellery, private mail, and even all the way too one of her slippers! None of that is true and it seems she is trying to fabricate evidence against me I guess for her financial case in court. She’s started now making other accusations like I’ve been hitting our children, feeding them poorly and buying them sub standard clothing, and the list goes on. She once called the police late at night and said I was hiding in the shed and was going to break in to attack her and children. I only know this because she told the children before calling 999. She’s a bully and a pathological liar.
So. How can I get my laptop back from her? My solicitor basically said she won’t ever, and I’ve practically begged the ex and told her how I just need some documents from the disk and she can have it, I don’t care. I’m a writer and illustrator and there’s 5 weeks of hard work on the laptop that is irreplaceable. She’s impossible to communicate with, and well knows the anguish it’s caused me.
I just do not know anymore how to get at least my work back.

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Rebecca Jones
12.12.2018 17:34:14

Hi Bryan, it sounds like you have tried many avenues to resolve this and unfortunately all we can advise, based on the above, is that you seek support from a good lawyer.


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