She ended our marriage that easy.

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She ended our marriage that easy.

One afternoon, I was cooking a foreign cuisine for lunch when my wife called me from our room. I stood up and headed to her while leaving my phone at the couch. The moment I stepped inside the room, I heard her sobs and I wonder why. I stepped closer, sat beside her and wiped her tears away. I asked her why but she just shook her head. I let her cry in my shoulders until she felt relaxed. Few minutes after, she started talking. I faced her as she tried to gain composure. I asked her what happened and she said she wants a divorce. I wasn’t able to respond. My eyes went wide. I asked why. She said she doesn’t love me anymore. I told her that whatever problem we had can still be fixed and that divorce is not a solution. I told her how much I love her but she seemed deaf to my words. It seemed like her decision was final. She stood up and said, “Please make it happen.” I didn’t know what to think when she said those words. I love her but she’s not happy with me anymore. Should I let her go or maybe try to work this out? How could she end our marriage that easy?

brandon at 05.08.2018 8:02:09

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Hi Brandon, sorry to hear you’re going through a difficult time. If you think there may be a way to reconcile then you should try couple or individual counseling to help you both decide what is the best way forward. If your wife is sure it’s over and is not willing to try counseling then I’m afraid there isn’t much you can do. Sometimes people have been considering divorce for a long time without the other person realising. It’s hard but if she has decided it’s over, the focus should be on remaining amicable. If you’d like some further support, please give us a call 0203 004 4695 or book a call with one of our coaches here.

Hannah Hodgkinson at 05.08.2018 8:02:09

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