How do you split your finances with a dishonest partner?

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Partner who is not honest.

My partner is dishonest, has no empathy for our son and is now demanding her share from a Loveless marriage of 10 years. I bought the house 30 years ago lost my job have no income and can't pay huge legal bills. She has put a charge on the property and uses legal threats of ruining me. what can I do?

john rogers at 05.11.2020 13:37:28

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Hi John - thanks for the message and sorry that you're going through a difficult time. Ideally you and your wife would decide a way forward between you. This is, of course, the most affordable way of sorting things out.

If you can't agree then you can try a coaching session or mediation to get you to an agreement.

In terms of what the court will consider when making a decision on whether your financial settlement is fair or not, you can read about that here.

I hope this is enough information for now, wishing you the best of luck.

Hannah at 09.11.2020 8:39:25

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