Can I buy out my family for a new home if I'm single?

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My mother passed away a few months ago and I am thinking about buying my brother and sister out so I can finally have a home of my own. I've been accepted for a mortgage but having read the paperwork the building society has sent me, they have put me down as single. I am currently in the process of getting divorced. I'm just waiting for the CBO to complete. I think my mortgage broker has given them the wrong information regarding my marital status. My name has been taken off the mortgage and the title deeds of the marital home. Am I still going to be eligible for a mortgage to buy my mothers house ?

Neil Dare at 27.10.2020 20:21:56

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Hi Neil - thanks for your message. You are not legally single until the Decree Absolute has been granted so we suggest you speak to your conveyancing solicitor.

Hannah at 28.10.2020 16:33:15

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