What do you do if your wife wants you to move out during separation?

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Hi my wife has asked for a separation and wants me to move out to give her headspace, I know I have no obligation to agree but am trying to keep things as amicable as possible. If I do, how will it be viewed if we do divorce ie neglect of responsibilities, and what impact could it have on the financial settlement? Any help greatly appreciated, regards C.

Craig at 06.08.2021 15:22:59

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Hi C, thanks for your question and I'm sorry to hear you're separating from your spouse. In terms of your childcare arrangements, these can be informally decided between you both, however your priority should always be your children.

If you are planning on submitting a consent order to formalise your financial arrangements, as this is an order made by consent, you will need to be in agreement. You can decide between yourselves how you split your finances, and the starting point is usually a 50/50 split. The court will consider 'need' as a determining factor, when deciding if the agreement you have come to is fair, as well as things like income and pension. amicable offer negotiation coaching sessions for you and your ex, should you need further help with this.

Holly from amicable at 28.09.2021 13:42:19

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