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Lega separation

Is it possible to get legal separation from spouse residing outside the UK. I know the country he is currently residing in but don’t have an address.

swiftpraise at 05.07.2018 8:02:25

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Hi swiftpraise, yes it is possible if they are in a different country but you will need an address to formalise things through the courts. Before heading down the legal separation route, I would first check that it’s the right option for you by booking a call here or by reading this blog.

Hannah Hodgkinson at 05.07.2018 8:02:25

Both parties needs to be aware but to get things possible (even if they’re not) get in touch with http://www.storobinfirm.com just like on my case.

DavidStorobin at 05.07.2018 8:02:25

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