Is divorce the only solution to this problem?

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Is divorce the only solution to this problem?

My wife is a foreign woman whom I have been dating with for three years before we decided to get married. We have been trying our best to produce a child after our marriage. After one year of trying, we failed. I told my wife we should have a check up to finally know if one of us is infertile. However, she seemed unfavorable with my idea. Now, she’s thinking of divorce as the only solution and I’m freaking out. She said that if one of us is really infertile, then there’s no sense of being tied up, which in fact I don’t understand. I mean, we should try to work this out, right? It’s for better or for worse. What should I do now?

dougx80 at 05.08.2018 8:02:16

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Hi dougx80, I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a difficult time. You should try counselling, together and/or separately to work out what is the best option for you both. You should contact Relate, One Plus One or BACP if you think this approach might help.

Hannah Hodgkinson at 05.08.2018 8:02:16

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