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I brought the house, my name of mortgage and deeds

Irene Solley
14.06.2021 12:54:05


My husband moved in 14 years ago as the boyfriend who paid rent, we were initially renting a property, but once I got my divorce money I wanted to buy a house to provided security for my two children. He was not in a position to buy a property as he already had a mortgage with his ex wife. The agreement was he paid rent and I used a combination of his rent money, kids maintenance and my own money to pay the mortgage and bills. I paid for all home improvements, loft conversion, conservatory, new windows and door, as we moved in I put in a new kitchen, boiler and bathroom.

We married in May 2015 and much to my surprise this arrangement continued, as the felt in the roof had rotted and I had to pay the full repair bill. We have just separated and he is now telling me he has a claim from when he first moved in.

My initial deposit brought 45.5% of the property and I raised a mortgage for the remaining 53.5%. Over the year I have spent in the region of £57-£60,000 using family inheritance on home improvements.
We spilt up at one point before marriage and he moved out for six months and returned as a rent payer. During his own divorce in 2009 he recorded himself as the tenant.

I have provided him with a home that he could bring his children too when they were younger. It all seems so very unfair when he has a share in his previous material home, his parents are wealthy and have offered to buy him a property, initially a buy to let he is telling me, but he will inherit big time.

He is not only taking away from me, but also my kids future inheritance. How can I stop this?


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