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My ex wants to sell our family home and split the equity 50/50 to each purchase a new property. He earns roughly double my income with much larger future earning potential and I look after the children 5 nights a week. If we sold I would need to move into a much cheaper home in a less nice area where we would be able to buy a home of around the same value to the one we own now in the same area or without a sale he could rent an equivalent property in the area. I do not feel this is a fair split and he refuses to discuss pensions. I do not want to go to court but don’t feel these terms are fair to me or the children. Where do I stand legally?

Victoria at 26.06.2022 14:28:23

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Hi Victoria, thanks for reaching out to amicable. Whilst the starting point is normally a 50/50 split, this will depend on lots of different things. You can check what a judge considers when reviewing a consent order, by using our amicable agreement checker. Ultimately, both of you will need to feel comfortable with your agreement and a judge will need to approve it in order for it to become legally binding. You will also need to complete financial disclosure, and pensions would need to be included in this. I would suggest booking a 15-minute advice call to understand your options, or exploring our one-off coaching sessions.

Holly from amicable at 20.07.2022 14:06:43

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