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I have been married since May 2017. I am considering a divorce but it is not something that my husband is currently aware of. Prior to marrying my husband had no assets but I owned my home. He gained parental responsibility for my youngest child. He say he does not want any of my assets and will divorce and sign a clean break order - is it possible to use this service to achieve this or would it be more appropriate to set up a family trust fund now and then seek a divorce at a later date, to protect my assets.

Alison at 10.03.2022 13:15:43

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Hi Alison, thanks for reaching out to amicable. We can't offer independent legal advice, however, you must include all of your assets in your financial disclosure, and these are included within your D81 form. As the starting point is a 50/50 split of all assets, a judge may query why your husband does not receive anything as part of your split. A clean-break clause is included within most consent order's, however, you would still need to outline what happens to the rest of your finances. Please book in a free 15-minute call if you would like further clarification on this.

Holly from amicable at 20.07.2022 14:44:30

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