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Finances whilst separated

03.07.2023 19:00:41


Hi there. I am still married to my wife and we still share a home. We have two children and although I am not sure if this is a final decision on my wifes part, I was wondering what guidance you can offer on shared finances. My wife is the primary breadwinner earning around 50% more than I do. We still have a joint account for monthly outgoings including mortage etc and we put an equal amount in monthly. In the past year however, my wife has been on four holidays on her own whilst I struggle on my remaining salary each month to be able to do anything for myself or take my children away. Prior to our trial separation, any extra income we both made would be put into joint savings. With my wife's excess earnings each month, should I still be able to access these funds in order to be able to take my children away on a break?

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Oscar from amicable
24.07.2023 13:41:41

Hi Gordan,

Thank you for getting in touch with amicable.

Determining how shared finances should be managed during a trial separation can be complicated, especially when you have children. It's important to have open and honest communication and it’s recommended, as far as possible maintain the ‘status quo’ where your children are concerned until you reach an agreement that works for you both.

If you and your wife are unable to reach an agreement over this, one of our Specialists can help you discuss this issue through our one-hour joint advice consultations, which you can book by clicking here. You don’t need to have formally separated to book this consultation.


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