My ex has changed his mind over the 50/50 split during separation...

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Ex suddenly decided he doesn't want a straight forward 50/50 on the house

Hello, Im Nicola.

I have been split from my ex for 4 years now.

Last year i asked him about divorce and we both agreed on a 50/50 split with the house.

Today i asked him the same question and he thinks that because he has paid the mortgage for the last 4 years that its no longer a 50/50 split on the house. Which he locked me and the kids out of and changed the locks 4 yrs ago.

The house still has £46,000 to be paid and roughly 66k has been paid off already. We both split the mortgage payments while we were together for 10 yrs prior to him kicking us out.

Can i just get some thoughts on this please?

There is a little more to it but i'll leave it at that. Thanks

Nicola at 30.08.2021 14:19:12

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Hi Nicola, I'm sorry to hear about your separation. The court's primary concern is always the children. You will need to decide between yourselves what is fair, and of course we can help you with this via our one-off coaching sessions. You will need to be in agreement in order to submit a consent order and the Judge will also need to decide whether your agreement is fair. Give us a ring and we should be able to help you further.

Holly from amicable at 28.09.2021 13:43:02

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