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Ex's new partner

02.07.2019 18:44:48


My alcoholic wife and I separated in February. I am our 3 daughters' primary caregiver, as she only sees the girls 1 day a week.
It is now July and she has a new partner she has moved in with after knowing him just 4 weeks. Her family are demanding that I leave the girls in her care as this new partner is 'suitable to supervise'. I have refused as I don't know this man, have offered 5 suitable supervisor alternatives (there was a social services supervision order, since removed but I am still responsible for their safety).
My question is, is it my responsibility to 'get to know' this man, as her family say it is as I don't know him or trust him to supervise

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Kate Daly
17.07.2019 14:24:43

Hi Dominic.

It sounds like a tricky situation, and without knowing why and when the supervision order was removed, it’s hard to advise. If the order was removed because your ex has shown she can cope with unsupervised contact then it’s probably good for you to meet the new partner and get to know him. You don’t have the right to vet who your children see when they are with their other parent unless you have specific safety concerns. This will enable you to make an informed decision about whether he is suitable to supervise and if so, agreeing some time for the children to get used to being around him and seeing how it works. If you meet, get to know him and still have concerns you can then make a call of whether you return to court to ask for a further supervision order.

I hope this is helpful.


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