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Ex husband ignoring me, mortgage and bills!

Miss B
25.02.2019 18:07:46



My and my husband of 17 years separated a year ago. We have one child who has moved out with boyfriend.

He lost his job before separation so has had money issues needless to say. He lied about being fired for months and was failing to pay mortgage.

I moved out to a seperate flat and he moved in with his mother whilst we rented the house out. The occupants then fell behind a lot of rent payments so I evicted them, and made the decision to move back in solely rather than paying two seperate lots of bills. (For flat & house)

He has not paid a single penny towards the mortgage, joint account loans, anything since separating nearly two years ago.

My mother has helped me a lot with mortgage arrears, bills, tv license etc but I can’t seem to keep up with it any longer & I feel as though I am carrying the world on my shoulders while he’s enjoying his life with his new girlfriend.

He does not respond to any of my text messages or calls. I have had numerous debt collectors at my door. He agreed to mediation over text, a couple of weeks ago but since has not replied to my messages since.

Due to money stress I am holding onto my home with dear life and I just want something of mine for my daughters inheritance. I would also struggle to get another mortgage if the one sells as my credit rating has taken a cut from the last two years.

What can I do? Is there any way to cut myself off from my ex husband when he is not co-operating with me?

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Kate Daly
05.03.2019 21:34:49

Good evening Miss B, thanks for getting in touch and I'm sorry you're going through a difficult time. It is difficult to help you in detail as we'd need to understand the full financial picture. What I can say is that the only way to be financially free from your ex is to start divorce proceedings and a get consent order to end your financial relationship. I understand that this is easier said than done. Please feel free to book in for one of our free calls so we can give you more specific help on what routes you may be able to take.


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