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Do I need a solicitor?

We are in the process of divorcing, the NI has been granted. When we married, 9 years ago, we agreed I would give up work, due to him working long hours and no child care available. We have 2 children plus I have 2 from a previous marriage, (1 at Uni and the others living with me). My husband earns a six figure salary and has a pension. I have seen emails from his financial advisor telling him if he wants to up his pension payments he can "hide them elsewhere in the meantime given our circumstances"... He has a solicitor, even though at the beginning we agreed not to. So the bottom line is should I get a solicitor too? I can't really afford the fees and I paid for the initial divorce papers etc

Lisa Ali at 10.06.2020 17:50:29

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Hi Lisa - if you think your husband is potentially hiding assets then it's wise to get a lawyer, especially if he has one. You can get some free consultations via - we recommend talking to a few different ones before making any decisions. You should ask for an estimate in regards to cost, so best case and worse case scenario so you have a realistic range in mind. If you feel you are able to sort this out together, amicably then please get in touch and we can talk you through how our couple approach to financial splits works - 0203 004 4695. I hope this is helpful.

Hannah at 11.06.2020 12:14:08

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