Why do I have to wait before applying for a final order?

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Do I have to wait before applying for a final order?

If I'm applying for a consent order, do I need to wait for applying for my final order? We've been notified by the court that we can apply for our final order? Just want to get this all sorted.

Louise F at 07.02.2023 11:17:36

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Hi Louise,

Thanks for reaching out to amicable.

As you're not a customer we can only give general advice with regards to this.

In general, you can apply for your final order, six weeks and one day after your conditional order has been pronounced in court. However, it's normally recommended to wait until the financial matters have been resolved and a consent order, formalising your agreement, has been approved and sealed by the court because your legal rights and responsibilities will change after you’re divorced.

You can read the full government advice on how your legal rights and responsibilities change after divorce by clicking here, but the key things that are affected are to do with pensions and wills, particularly if your sharing any pensions as part of your agreement, as there is a 28-day transfer period.

If you have any more questions, please book a free 15-minute call.

Many thanks, Holly

Holly form amicable at 07.02.2023 11:58:28

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