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Divorce and pension sharing

Hello After a short marriage of 7yrs and even shorter living together of 3ys In terms of our 'unconventional' marriage, does anyone know how the UK legal system are likely to view such a short-term living arrangement ? albeit we regularly saw each other every weekend. Im concerned the courts will not be favourable to my cause of claiming pension sharing order because of the shortness of living together ? No children from this relationship I would prefer a frank overview here so I can decide what to do next. Thank you"

Garry at 08.02.2022 22:53:44

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Hi Garry, thanks for reaching out to amicable. It's not an easy question to answer, and we would really need an insight into your financial positions to answer this. In theory, it's a 50/50 split of all assets if you want to make your financial arrangements legally binding through a consent order, however, people might depart from this for a number of reasons. A judge will review your consent order and decide whether or not it's fair based on various factors, including length of marriage. You can read more about pensions here, or listen to our podcast episode on the topic here. You might benefit from a coaching session to understand your options. I hope this helps.

Holly from amicable at 20.07.2022 14:48:36

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