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Divorce and Joint Mortgage advice needed

Hi, myself and my wife have been separated for 8 years. We have a joint mortgage, she has been living in the house since we separated with our kids, paying the mortgage and upkeep with her new partner. They have also had a child together. I am keen to get the divorce moving and to remove myself from the mortgage with my equity, ideally, I would like her and her partner to buy me out and take on the mortgage themselves, how best can I resolve this please as they have shown no intention to do this so far. thanks

Andrew at 12.07.2022 14:43:02

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out to amicable. In order to make any arrangements you reach legally binding, you will need to get a consent order, which requires you both to disclose your finances, as they are now, rather than when you first separated. You can read more about mortgages and divorce in this guide. It might be worth trying to sit down with your wife and her new partner via an amicable coaching session or mediation, to see whether you can reach an agreement over the property and your various other financial arrangements. We will reach out to you for more information on this.

Holly from amicable at 20.07.2022 13:42:44

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