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Divorce 70 30 Asset Split

My husband and I are separating and we're starting to discuss how we'll separate our finances - I've been told by a friend who's just gone through a divorce that I can go for a 70 30 split of everything in our marital pot.

I've spent ten years bringing up the kids so haven't worked until recently and I've only got back a couple of days a week. The house is worth around half a million and our three kids want to stay in the house with me. I think he has a big pension, I have hardly anything in my pension. We have some savings, a couple of cars and some valuables such as art etc.

I don't want to fall out with him and want to do this amicably without getting solicitors involved - just not sure where to go from here???

Alice at 23.10.2020 9:03:02

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Hi Alice - thank you for the message.

The best starting point is to gather top line figures in regards to what you both have in assets and debts. You need to know what you've got before you start discussing how you'll divide it.

In terms of percentage split when separating your finances - the starting point is 50/50. There are many considerations that a judge will take into account including:

  • How old you and your partner are
  • You earning ability
  • Money and property (family home)
  • Living expenses and the standard of living you both have
  • Assets and debts
  • Business assets
  • The role you held within the marriage

For more information on this please click here to read our blog on financial settlements.

There are different ways to sort out how you'll split things including doing it yourselves, getting lawyers and mediators involved or opting for the amicable route in which you work together with one of our coaches to decide on a fair split. We can also legalise your agreement via a consent order. For more information please feel free to book in for a free 15 minute advice call.

Rebecca at 29.10.2020 12:58:10

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