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Disclosure of assets

18.11.2018 16:46:39


Hi all
Wondered if any of you could give me some advice with the hope someone out there has been in my shoes...
Long story short...purchased my house in Nov 2013 had a large deposit due to sale of previous property. Met my ex husband Dec 2013. I moved into my new home in Feb 2014 he stayed back and forth between my house and his mums (where he was living when I met him) moved in gradually by around Dec 2014. Married Aug 2015..marriage lasted ten months, he left my home in June 2016. He paid nothing during the first year. Second year he’d give me between £50-£80 per week if I was lucky. He started threatening me for money when he left using all kinds of ways to blackmail me. I went through all my bank statements for the two years I was with him, breaking down the bills, living costs, mortgage etc and outlined, that actually he owes me £17k in expenses wedding costs, and lastly, three months before he left I loaned him £8k to pay off his huge debts (interestingly which he accumulated trying to sue another company for money, but failed). After writing this email from him, he went quiet apart from a few threats and blackmail attempts. It’s now been two and a half years and out of nowhere, he’s hired a solicitor who wants three years of my bank statements, my business accounts and three valuations on my house!! I paid for everything in my house. Every mortgage payment paid by me. Every tradesman, pot of paint, furniture etc paid by me. I can prove everything I’m saying in the way of bank statements etc. So my question is, is he entitled to anything of mine given the length of the marriage? Oh by the way this guy is a qualified engineer and is very capable of earning his own money.

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Emma Robinson
23.11.2018 15:30:36

Hi Jessica,

It sounds like your ex plans to start court proceedings for a financial remedy hearing (the court process to settle your financial arrangements). When this is done through solicitors, they will ask you to fill in a Form E, which asks for three years of bank statements, business accounts, property valuations and a full breakdown of your spending habits. Both you and your ex will have to fill in a Form E and provide the same evidence (bank statements, etc.) and you will arrange a set time and day to send them to each other or your solicitors.

When all of your finances have been disclosed to each other, you can discuss how to split the assets you each have. The starting point is 50:50 split but then you take into account the length of the marriage (short in your case) and what assets each of you brought to the marriage and adjust the split to make it fairer.

I hope this is helpful, please get in touch if you need anymore help.


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